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“Of the Macon Noise artists, a group called XAVII has stood out consistently over the past two years. Formed more than two years ago, while the entire band was still in high school, the 4-piece has changed shape and size and has grown expansively since the release of their debut EP (produced & recorded at Favorite Gentlemen Records studio) Mud is Better Than Words. Since building up a strong regional presence, the band is set to take their music on the road. If comparisons were a worthy way to describe a band, these guys fall somewhere between Explosions in the Sky, Don Caballero, O’Brother and Mahavishnu Orchestra but in a niche uniquely their own. There’s no doubt this group is as ambitious as they are talented and with their follow up EP titled “Our Recent Futures” due out later this year, along with an East Coast tour with label-mates Trufflelina, you can expect something special is on the way.”

“Xavii has firmly established its reputation as the foremost purveyor of rhythmically sophisticated rock music in Macon, and their set at the Hangar Bar was typical in its unrelenting drive and carefully crafted abstraction. Murdock and Matthews lead the band as composers and musical instigators -- lending a mercurial edge to the group's sound with their veering guitar lines and effects -- but the heart of the group's rhythmic power lies in the tandem of bassist Clark Bush and Steven Ledbetter.”

Matt Miller - 11th hour

“The New Sound of Macon Award: Xavii. These youngsters are mesmerizing to watch. Granted, it is eclectic and an acquired taste. That being said, I would bet good money that those that see them live walk away impressed.”

“Xavii has made a name for themselves as the favorite band of Macon’s favorite bands, meaning you are sure to see members of many of Macon’s local bands at this show. Xavii isn’t afraid to be experimental, but they know how to do it with a groove and keep the crowd dancing. Read more:”

“Xavii blew listeners away at Bragg Jam this year and left people saying they were Macon’s most creative band. They are able to take experimental rock and still make it danceable.”

“Xavii is one of the local bands pushing the listening boundaries of Macon. This experimental rock band is all about giving you sounds that challenges listeners and takes them on a ride that can be soft and melodic one second and hard and driving the next, the whole time making you wonder how their poor drummer hasn’t passed out.”

“Xavii is my sec­ond taste of local music, but these guys vary nearly a decade in age with the lower age being 16. Not that there is any­thing wrong with being 16, but these guys rarely play and I am pretty excited that they were play­ing tonight. I walk up right at 9:15 to a packed room with­out a sin­gle light on except a very blue light that hangs up and behind their drum­mer. It emits just enough light to make out forms on the stage and cre­ates a pretty incred­i­ble atmos­phere to hear these guys rock, which they pro­ceed to do. There is lit­tle to no vocals from this group, but they make up for it with a heavy infu­sion of jam and hard rock that comes together excel­lently. Adjust­ing my eyes to the dark­ness and tak­ing in a half hour of their set puts me back in the groov­ing mood and also reminds me there is more to see!”

“My introduction, I stumbled upon them performing at The Hummingbird in downtown Macon. The power of the music and the standard of performance displayed by these young men was near perfection and very hypnotizing. There was a confidence emanating from the stage that had the crowd absolutely stunned. Attention was particularly drawn to the drummer who gave a lesson in tempo change and the art of flawless drumming. I saw them which was at the Red Dog Tribute at the Cox Theatre. Again they put on an intense show that was well received by the large crowd that consisted of all types from all walks of life. It was evident that the old guard of the Southern rock sound were pleasantly surprised and pleased with what these four young men brought to the tribute. That is the power of music, it crosses all boundaries and breaks all barriers. They are an act that one must experience live. Their music is a spiritual journey of the highest degree, teetering on perfection. ”

“There is no band in Macon that intrigues me more than Xavii. Don’t know what to call what they do, and listening to their EP doesn’t help, but they are mesmerizing to watch live.”

Chris Horne - The Macon Telegraph

“Xavii is one of the most interesting bands to come out of Macon’s music scene in a long time. Their recently released EP, Mud Is Better Than Words, is an eclectic, experimental release that shows off the young group’s considerable talent. Their willingness to discover sounds beyond the typical rock conventions is re freshing and exhilarating, even if they sometimes seem to get lost in their own lengthy musical explorations. Still, Mud is a remarkably strong debut that’s worth checking out for anyone involved in the Macon music scene. I’d hesitate to strictly define the band’s sound as post rock, but their meandering and melodic guitar lines, crashing drum fills, and explosive crescendos have more than a little bit in common with Scottish rockers Mogwai and Texas’s Explosions in the Sky. ”

Eric Brown - Macon Noise Fanzine

“Their songs are lengthy journeys through a landscape that is at times ambient and moody, at times stern and fierce. They’ll stop and head in a different direction without warning while keeping it all cohesive. Xavii will be releasing their first EP any day now and will be touring in support of it.”

Rebecca Ledford - GIG GUIDE