Xanthe Alexis / Press

““My music, more than anything, is the way that I have conscience contact with what I perceive as my higher power or creator. Because, often times the songs come out of nowhere and they’re whole. I get a sensation and I go to the instrument. The chords are there.“”

“Xanthe Alexis’ music balances confidence and restraint. Her voice trembles with strength when she sings folky narratives that invoke memories from centuries ago.”

"Xanthe’s tools consist of a guitar and voice, however to say she only has a voice without indulging wholly in the expansiveness of it’s character and the contour of her descant would be a mistake. The commodity value of repetition lacks weight when compared with the absolutely brilliant simplicity of Xanthe’s representation of the Muse. A supremely stripped down version of folk, Time Of War as an album represents a single prayer lifting on the rising vapors beneath the Omphalos, a sacred stone at the Delphic Oracle where a Priestess receives her vision."

"Her acoustic chops and elegant voice would make her a contemporary of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez if she existed in another era."

“While local folksinger Xanthe Alexis' debut solo album, Time of War, does feature some impressive guest appearances by Curtis Boucher and Harriett Landrum, the majority of the backing vocals on the record are Alexis herself, and the subtle orchestrations she achieves using only her guitar and wide-ranging voice are often arresting, indeed.”