Xakestar / Press

“Outstanding groove, outstanding sound...very smooth vocals...”

“Groovy, emotional sound... ala Pink Floyd. Love it!”

Rennie D. (aka Ren Daversa) - Xakestar Message Board

“Intriguing and creative music!”

Jordan E. Spivack - Xakestar Message Board

“The Aged Grey, Mystic vibe, heavy-ten-tons of attitude!”

“Beautiful Prog Rock - All the Best as the world needs more Authentic Music we are staving for good nutritious work like this”

“rebel = dark, brooding, lush tapestry that grabs my soul”

“It's dark, heavy and psychedelic, like short horrorstories.”

“Brings me back to what I used to listen to before things became too electro pop-rap. Velvety melodic vocals, dreamy guitar effects with edge and real kick ass drums. Love it!”

“The Wall may have been torn down decades ago but you bring back the larger than life theatrical sound. Rebel is an outstanding piece of writing, playing and recording. Bravo!”

SOGP Music

“soul penetrating dark vibes”

Adam Bohm

“This is some really eerie, haunting, and incredible music! Really pulled me in. Love your intense lyrics, too.”

Kaitlyn Mann

“I listened to Xakestar Crystal Shadow and was impressed by the sound which represents our youth in Europe and the world. Powerful, dynamic sound.”

London Youth Express

“Way beyond metal, this is progressive music that explores across genres.”

Greg Leatherman

“Metal is a language! Xakestar speaks it well!”


“Sometimes only the dark can give shape to the light - "Rebel" does just that.”

Jamie Karris

“You guys really hitted the spot with the song "rebel". You´re going to get far, at least I think you deserve to.”

Brain for the Masses

"The North" You guys are totally amazing. Tight, heavy. Cool vocal. Metal incredible.

Chuck Brunicardi

“Wow, that is what i call potent song writing. Maybe it is a blessing really that you had to move so you can continue to bring awareness what is going on in parts of the world for change to happen. I was blown away. Your musicianship is incredible, vibe and vocals.”

Electric Angel

“Can progressive rock be described as gorgeous? Well if not, then I'm starting a new trend! Gorgeous!”


“pleasantly surprised when I heard this. Not exactly the kind of music you expect to hear from Iran.Too bad you had to move .”


“XAKESTAR - A truly progressive rock band playing music that will stand the test of time... Their music is an epic journey into the dark side of the psyche, filled with instrumental twists and turns that will leave you spinning and totally satisfied.”

“You've got an ethereal growl that never fails to chill, darken, and elucidate. Phenomenal musicianship expressed in each unique song — you made me an instant fan. Play on, brothers. Play on!”

Shazdar - http://www.reverbnation.com/shazdar

“Xakestar is a progressive mind trip to the dark side of your brain with high quality musicianship and thought provoking lyrics.”

Longhair Productions

“Melodic style, dark and melancholic sound, doom metal, an experienced band and deeply appealing.”