Terry L - Wydtrack Productions / Press

“Darryl Reese has some phat beats and awesome songs that will have you creaming yourself before the first thirty seconds. He has a clear understanding of writing music and makes his splash in the music scene with his R&B. “Southern Belle” has a masterfully written acoustic guitar bit that is a softly plucked, melodic piece that goes throughout the entire song. He sings about a beautiful woman that’s hard to find. The lyrics are so heart felt and filled with emotion that you just can’t help but sing along with him. “Give It A Try” is an acoustic ballad that really shows off Darryl Reese’s talents as a musician. The guitar is excellent, his lyrics are great, and the doubling of his voice adds a great harmonizing sensation. This one really reminds me of something John Legend would make. Darryl Reese has smooth R&B with a great soul to it that really strives for something more. R&B has such a distinct sound to it, and Darryl Reese has really tapped into its essence.”