Scott Snake Miller and The Helljacks / Press

“His edgy, raw punk attitude always seems to have a traceable country (or ‘Hillbilly!’) tap root with a little edgy blues feeling on this album of strong stories and just as strong melodies. There is often a dark edge, as if the subject telling the stories has led a hard, violent, life of indiscipline completely on his own terms and with no intention of compromise!”

“It is clear from the first notes of piston Experts In All Fields where we're going to end up: honky tonk and rockabilly roots in sight”

“With "After Church" choose Miller resolutely for ALT. country, attracted producer Brian Harrison to including Bryan Owings (Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller), John Jackson (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan), Dave Roe (j. Cash, Dwight Yoakam), Rick Reed (Shelby Lyne) and Etta Britt (Delbert Mc Clinton) to bring a fair amount of musical weight in and as far as I'm concerned is that pretty nice command succeeded”

“I was on alert After Church by an excellent review on the site of altcountry.nl. What a nice, solid Rock and Roll album by a band that knows where the roots of this music comes from.”

“Every Sunday morning after church service is Scott Snake Miller straight back into hell. The title track of After Church (private management) begins as an old creaky plate with a blues guitar from the delta, but then gets the full brunt in Supersuckersstijl.”

“Scott ‘Snake’ Miller – After church Terrific album that rocks it’s way through edgy country and blues often blending the two genres, with a variety of tempos and emotions, often echoing but updating ‘cowpunk.’ Eleven very good self written songs that suit his raw melodic vocals, on occasions sounding a little like Otis Gibbs, even if Miller rocks much harder!”