Writing Off Tomorrow / Press

"The way that the bands dynamic front woman allows her voice to ring out triumphantly giving a wonderful sense of depth to these productions is charming. She has a profound understanding of self and it gives the music flavor."

"I would suggest all of you who are reading this review go and get this EP... it will not end up covered in dust on one of your shelves. I am sure that when you listen to it you will do exactly the same thing I did and you will be like “Hey dude, check these guys out!”"

"If anyone has a chance at taking the BvB Champion status, it is Writing Off Tomorrow. I say that because this band was debuted once, and immediately hit the Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 3pm ET). Since then, their song All The Blood I Need has made it’s way to the #2 spot in the Countdown..."

"...an American band that You won't soon forget. Writing Off Tomorrow. A breath of bloody fresh air that contains some of the best vocals, hard pounding drums, and dueling guitarists that we've ever heard in our Countdown before."

"Writing off Tomorrow splits the judges in two with the vocal weaponry, raw talent, and lyrical prowess that the band has managed to pack into their tune "All the Blood I Need"