(W)reckless / Press

“(W)reckless has personally been involved with my music and profession for the past year. As there audio engineer (on 2 of their releases) and friend as well, I’ve seen areas where they lack, such as communication at times, only beginners mistakes but I’ve also seen the group’s progression and they really put more and more into their craft as time goes on. In the past year they’ve put out two E.P.s first being “Ninja” and the other featuring myself on every song as a collaborative E.P. titled “Puzzle”. As far as their motivation goes, it looks like there not slowing down and are about to start a promotional tour to spread the word about their group. They're motivated, inspired, and stick to the projects their working on which is rare in new artists. With two E.P.s under their belt and the just released album "X", it seems to me that as long as the drive is there, then only good things will come for (W)reckless and overall it’s been a pleasure working with them. ”

Nick Nubz

“(W)reckless has done well over the last year or so. Progression wise I feel we've improved so much over the last few months. As with anything practice makes perfect and you can only become better when you practice as much as I do. I enjoy rapping so much, its a way to vent my emotions. As time has gone on we've formed a very different style then most I feel, as a whole we create such dope sounds. My fellow rap mates also do an incredible job. K.G. has great metaphors with a sick flow. A.D. is an overall great musician and his rapping abilities are amazing. Casanova is the general, he keeps us going and has the superstar flow everyone loves to hear. I feel as a rapper my full potential hasn't been heard and on the next album, I'll make sure I deliver. 2013 has great things to come for myself and the (W)reckless family.”

(W)reckless Member*** - eNVy aka Young Tobe

“We think (W)reckless really has improved alot, at first many people thought of them only as a joke but now they have even opened up our eyes. We have noticed a very diverse style from them, with a large variety of mixed emotions and lyrics that come from the heart of each rapper. In our opinion Young A.D. really stands out in all his creations because of his aggresive split personality as an artist, we also enjoy the rest of the groups hilarious puns and dirty jokes. Keep it up (W)reckless! ”

Send Me To The Skies

“(W)reckless is looking great in 2013 so far. Ever since they started, we all knew they had a chance to rise to fame. They've gotten so much better over the last few months and their lead single "Vice Versa" off thier new album is a prime example of the groups improvements. Hope to see a good future for you guys, It's looking positive. ”

D. Perotz

“As a whole (W)reckless has shown major improvements, not only lyrically but with all aspects of music and in hip-hop. Their flow is on point and their creativity with tracks are dope. The quality of their music is way nicer and so much clearer and crisper on their newer releases. I most definitely want to be collaborating with this super group in the future. ”

Nicky Fresh

“Much respect!! keep bangin!”