Wrath of Typhon / Press

“Their display of musical wrath starts with Rise King Rise and ends with the title track Speak From The Fire. In between we are treated to a history lesson in heavy music. Loaded Dice is the ultimate homage to Motörhead while throughout the entire album there's a mix of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and a general 80's heavy metal feel discernible but that's what I hear. You dear reader will probably hear something else. I love how they are able to create such great heavy music combining their own style with their influences and seemingly doing it so easily. Nothing sounds forced or contrieved just bloody fantastic. ”

“Sounds like a modern doom metal For a long time I could not bear to part with this album, so a few days break in blogging. Wrath Of Typhon combine fire and water. We therefore base. Indestructible foundation of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, Doom is a layer on the 80s and 90s in the form of Candlemass and Cathedral. Riffs and breakdowny come straight from the Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front, and as a topping ... classic thrash. Solos as in Exodus, Anthrax riffs of old ... But the best for last, but reveals itself from the very first sounds. Jason Robison is a fe-no-me-nal-ing singer. His ability to overthrow. Typical of doom wailing combines furious hardcore phrasing to snatch a moment like Mark Osegueda japa. Might be interested in this band, especially that on their label hangs free EP with three live numbers. Give us back the eye, to kroćset! More at www.myspace.com / wrathoftyphon”

“it was the raw energy of Wrath of Typhon that really got the venue pumped and rock ravenous. While this apocalyptic foursome consists of unquestionably talented musicians, it is more than heavy riffs and chaotic chords that make this band great.”

“In a genre as rife with clichés as stoner/doom metal, it’s nice to hear a band who actually get it.”

“Point is, Wrath of Typhon fall into the former category of ass-kicking HM, complete with head-banging Black Sabbath grooves, noodling (but to-the-point) guitar solos and vocals that range from a Lemmy-esque growl to a Rob Halford screech in the same sentence.”

“When York, Pennsylvania’s Wrath of Typhon took the stage on Saturday night, only a handful of folks had arrived at Baltimore’s out of the way, dingy and altogether perfect rock club, known as Ottobar, to witness their opening set. Upon noticing the Stinking Lizaveta t-shirt adorning the band’s bassist and the homage to the recently departed Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) plastered on their vocalist, I figured I was in for an interesting blend of metal styles. Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed when Wrath of Typhon churned out a chugging, crunchy, riff-fest”

“In summary, Speak From The Fire is an impressive debut from a band sporting a unique take on Heavy Metal. They're talent is obvious and they seem to have the chemical click from a songwriting standpoint. I love their grizzled, down-tuned take on ol' Momma Metal and they’ve got a keeper in the leather-lunged frontman, Jason Robinson. Hopefully they’ll be shaking rafters in a town near you. Keep it dirty.”

“How come I haven’t heard of this band before this I don’t know. As their new album is one of the most freshest Old School Doom Metals I have heard in a long time. These guys wisely throw in Modern Stoner/Sludge/Thrash Metal riffs with added top notch Metal Vocals as well to stand out from the crowd. ”

“What are your thoughts on the local music scene? It kind of comes and goes. I've seen the different music scenes come and go and peak and go away. Right now, it seems there is something happening. That's a good thing. A bar like The Depot . . . has potential for good shows and seems to have some kind of a crowd come out. It's almost like a new generation of people come around and turn 21. Then, years go by and it kind of dies down.”

“Formed in 2009, Wrath of Typhon from York, Pennsylvania have been hard at work delivering powerful metal drawing inspiration from the past four decades of heavy metal”

“Brian of digital label Eleventh Key asked me to post these guys. I am glad he did as they guys fucking rule.”