WovenWorld / Press

“Beautiful, well done!”

COREIGN, reverbnation

“Such beautiful sounds...magic to my ears...well crafted songs...wonderfully produced and performed..and with feeling and excellent instrumentation...Bravo!!! Glad to be a fan!!!”

Joe Gande - NYC, New York Musicians Review

“Absolutely loving your music - reminds me so much of Jethro Tull! Listening to The Innocent just now - great assembly of sounds”

Tom Fairnie - Edinburgh, UK. Unlimited LTD

“THE INNOCENT, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow - Congas / Hand Percussion Review

“Light, colors and tolls of freedom can touch the hearts with magical music made with love to take you to heaven. all is nature flowing.”

Ricardo Mira - Florianopolis, Brazil Review

“Really enjoyed the tracks, very Jethro Tull, some great harmony vocals and real instruments. cool stuff!!”

Chris Adams - One Tree Recordings

“Yes! Love your stuff, WovenWorld! It reminds me of the great progressive works by bands like Heldon, Gentle Giant, Magma, Camal, et al.”

SpEnt FiXer - Band Fan Base

“Wow, I´m listening to "The Innocent" right now and I´m quite amazed at the sound and how professional all of you sound. The song started out great and the passages are well assembled and executed. The sound of the recording allows you to appreciate everything. You guys are a Folk/Prog band that deserves to be recognized. Keep up the great work!”

Claudio Delgift - Buenos Aires,Argentina Review

“Hey good people thank you! WovenWorld enjoyed your music and lyrics as well, very well crafted, intelligent and well played. Looking forward to hearing more from this group. Most Inspiring! ”

Thomas Thurman - Artists Quintessential

“Now, with the emergence... of the internet giving artists a new environment to take their music/photography etc... directly to the people, WovenWorld has now returned to the music world with new music. WovenWorld plans to take their music directly to the listeners utilising the internet, as well as traditional methods "it's time to turn the music business into the musician's business". ”

Jim Reisfelt - WovenWorld press

““The Music of WOVENWORLD takes on visual qualities and otherworldly realms with a grace and ease that is easy to be with, and can be revisited often.” ”

Lloyd Barde - BACKROADS