Worry The Bones / Press

"axel rose can screw, we don't need him anymore...we got Worry The Bones now...god bless, keep rocking guys!!!"

"Perfect Teeth" is scary good. Scary. And good. Wow. Took 4 listens to digest completely. FUcking great stuff!!!!

"had a friend telling me to check these guys out....shoulda listened to her sooner...brilliant, bad-ass rock....heavy as hell...love it" Metal James

Metal James

"best F***king rock band i've heard in 20 years!" J. Cool Jemson

J. Cool Jemson - Rock Hard Pres

"we've needed this band for some time now, i hope they keep at it...."Justified" might be one of the best hard rock/metal songs I've heard in a very long time...don't now, guys!" Arlo Kuhn, Metal Ever

Arlo Kuhn - Metal Ever

"when green grass turns black, when blue skies twist and fall into funnels, when calm seas suddenly sink peaceful cruises...Worry The Bones must be somewhere close...very close" Big Bang Press

“Enemy You is F@#king badass guys!!! Killer tune!!!! NINE-BALL”

"sleaze-heavy-raunch n roll at its best!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i get to catch ya live very soon, keep it up!!!!!!!" Dave Nevins

"i was three years old when i first heard you. now i'm four and you sound even better!" Ricky

"Great Rockin Metal/Hard Rock songs here. Really good Vocals, Guitar Playing and Drums and Bass. Like all six songs I played today. Great job. Tony" Extreme Dream

"very cool debut, guys...saw the thing about coming out live soon, can't wait" North Shore Metal

"That is the way to play rock! Amazing guys! greetings from Sao Paulo Brazil~Zen" Stoneria

“watched the vid...incredible stuff guys, keep doin your thing!!!!!!!!!! Alton Crayshaw”

“Cross your mind....rockin beats..awesome guys you rock...peace Vlay”

"was getting bored with metal stuff, this sounds fresh...lovinit..." T. Hranak

"Gotta get you guys out to the West Coast...start packing...love every track!"" Conway K. Drevlin

"Holy Freakin Hell!!! Write More!!!!! Lenias Kilbik

"I've been addicted to speed and Nyquil for nine years. Now I'm addicted to your music. Thanks." Rog the Dog

"sometimes its just good to hear well-produced, well-written, bad-ass rock and roll..." L.D. Ryder/ Producer/RN Artist

"Now this is some doggone fantastic musicianship, strong songwriting, clever vocal chompers, and a bad ass bass bone band with no worries. No need for you guys to go fishing...Just play. I love this band! Play baby, play! Richard" Richard D. Ruttenberg

"Back for another listen guys, as awesome as always. Always a pleasure to visit your page. Loving Damage Me. Have a great weekend, cheers Neil R.U. ;-)" Raw Urge

"Sick Music, love the guitars" Heart Full of Maggots

"Great Tracks" Yonas

"Frickin great rock here....love ya......BONES" The Bones Martyn Band

"This is some great stuff guys!! Gotta get you over to Central NY with us. Loving it!! NineBall..." NINE-BALL

"You guys are Badass also!! Thanks so much!! You ever want to come to Nashville, hit us up and we'll work something out" Skull Jack

"Great dark and sleazy rock. Thanks for the support. We added you on FB and MS too" Acid Uprising

"Great stuff dudes. Listened to Damage me and it to me it sounded like a mixture of Megadeth and Alice and Chains. Very interesting and definitely rocking" Absolute Vengeance

“Kick arse comps! feeling em vocals! B-bop”

“Wow!!! all these tracks are kickin ass....brutal!!! This is true rock at its finest...Much respect from the 831 Cali....Peace \m/ Vlay”

"production, writing and performance on the new album sounds great...nicely done." Rich Figurido, Musician

"I have heard many a great band here at Reverbnation. Worry The Bones is certainly no exception. However, that dog scares the hell out of me." Ronnie Scott Duggan

"I think leaves in the Summer should be green. Robots are scary. Long time ago I would've wanted a pet raptor. I like Worry The Bones alot." Edwin

"hits ya with a baseball bat, then messes with 'ya brain, then takes you out on a groove...great album..." Chucky Alletzkin

" It's good to hear great, hard rock music from someone with actual life experience. Lyrically, Worry the Bones stands where very few rock musicians dare to tread; on the corner of wisdom and self awareness." Matt Caravella

“...today I heard the sound of my own lungs coming out through my ears and it was breathtakingly beautiful and exquisitely painful and I can't wait to do it again, my newest addiction, Worry The Bones..." Rezzy, The Loudest Burn”

"lets face it, heavy metal is a Rob Zombie character hunting down Miss Pop with a sawed-off shogtun to the bleeding thump of Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers? well, the best metal not only catches up to Miss Pop, it smears her lipstick, rips her skirt, catalogues her prayers for future lyrics. why is an act like Worry The Bones still revelant? because they don't set out to be, they just start the engine, load the shells and aim for anything that looks too clean, smells too clean and worst of all, sounds too clean. If "Damage Me" is a sadistic invitation than "Hospitals & Helicopters" is the heartache of an unexpected dawn. ('we missed 'ya, boy, so where have you been? running through the valley of death, my friend). Miss Pop is in the crosshairs and here comes the chorus. Worry The Bones vibrate the scope and still kill with steady fingers and bloodshot eyes."

"W.T.B.= Worry the Bones or does W.T.B.= way to be rockin' there fella's...wowzy, haven't had a rush like that since my paint sniffin' days...or the eleven relapses since rehab...but anyway, this is some really rockin' dyno-mite kinda outta-site kinda stuff kiddies, or my name ain't Jebby-Hyde Underhill. so go on, now, buy this CD...I hear that dog is real and always underfed...."

"I'm not afraid to admit that my wife didn't want to have sex for 37 straight days. Then I played her the Worry The Bones song, "Damage Me." I've got to tell you, she wants it now 2,3 sometimes 4 times a day. I know this because her new girlfriend Bella calls to thank me everyday."

“Being the harshest heavy metal/hard rock critic in the world, this is hard for me to admit: I've listened to "Thirteen Pregnant Virgins" 428 consecutive times...other than Rick wearing his skull-cap too tight and Derek not knowing how to sing...this CD is perfect. perfect. So now i will go home, have a glass of wine, and slice open my intestines. I have met perfection and perfection is a sharp, slightly soap-slippery knife...so long, dear friends...."”

"rabid dogs and pregnant virgins? hospitals, helicopters, witches and vampires? clowns and sex and homeless people running through the valley of death? My god, whatever happened to "Love Me Do"? Let them have their fun now, I say, because soon there will be Hell to Pay!"

"on the day when the skies darken and the angels fall to earth to battle with demons and all hell is literally breaking loose, I will die a happy man. For I have listened to Worry The Bones and had many a great chicken-salad sandwich. My soul will be at peace."

"Worry The Bones might just be the best band of all time on Addison Street, in downtown Gloucester...there was a punk band three houses down that was okay, but not like these guys...these guys have solos."

"...sometimes there's a buzz that's so loud it's like a goddamn chainsaw cutting through a hive of hornets hooked up to a massive Marshall amplifier turned to eleven. that doesn't even come close to the buzz being generated by the upcoming release of the Worry The Bones debut CD, "Thirteen Pregnant Virgins". And believe, us, here at WTB Weekly we have absolutely no sense of humor. None."

"you should really check this band out. Really. Like today, not tomorrow or the next day. But, like, right now. And you know that here, at Worry The Bones Weekly, we take our credibility very serious."

"First there was Sabbath...then Maiden...then Leppard...then White Lion...then James Durgin...now there is Worry The Bones...heavy metal will never die because there will always be some asshole like me trying to type between bites of a soggy-sloppy sandiwch. s-.0-... s0, here it goes, "send in your requests for this band and I'll play them everytime I see can see straight and my fingers aren't slippin' with grease..."