World War XXXIV / Bio

Bird aka Mark Nowane (Vocals)
Phurba Lama (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Jason Apps Atherton (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Mick Prigmore (Bass)
Clancy Rocca Robinson (Drums, Backing Vocals)

World War XXXIV are a high energy punk outfit that have been together since early 2013 and are a rehashed version of WWXXIV "one of the best punk bands to come out of Sydney (or Australia) in the early 80's" http://www.last.fm/music/World+War+XXIV

The current line up comprises local lads from the far north coast of NSW and the original lead singer Mark “Bird” Nowane fronting the band. Bird recalls having seen a flier at a local music store which said "looking for people to jam, punk, no brown eyed girls" (relates to requests for the song!) and thought he must ring. A month later he responded and never looked back.

The original “World War XXIV were formed in the 1980's and were getting into some fast energetic punk music. In 1983 the band did the excellent Azaria/Why Bother single which was one of the best Aussie punk releases of the 80's. The Band plays a fast style of punk that combines Dead Kennedy's style hardcore, Peter and the Test Tube Babies style Oi!, and tough Radio Birdman style riffing which creates a powerful non generic sound", http://www.last.fm/music/World+War+XXIV

When asked, Bird recalls that no one could agree on a name, so at the last minute Bird spat out WWXXIV so that the promoters would have a name to go with. "Although we had played a party before under the name of Discharge not knowing untill we finished that there was an English punk band with that name already. Everybody agreed on the name (WWXXIV) because it rhymed and perhaps we could change it later if we felt like it", but it stuck like glue.

Since that orginal lineup there’ve been a couple of changes and many other players have gone through. Bird felt like it wasn't quite right when he reformed the second line up to use the same name but consensus at the time was to go with it.

This time around the band decided to stay with the “world war” vein but move forward. Bird says XXX is bit of an eye catcher so WWXXXIV was born. Looking forward to some high energy music, which was lost in the pop punk era. Ha!

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Band Members
Bird - Vocals, Phurba Lama - Guitar, Clancy Rocca Robinson - Drums, Jason Apps Atherton - Guitar
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World War XXXIV
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Northern Rivers, NSW, AU

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