World Tournament Of Champions / Press

“Members of the World Tournament of Champions Joust Troupe, James Dawson, playing Sir James left, fights with Dakota and Greg Hopla, playing Stabros and Gregorio Flatley, during the Renaissance Faire Saturday at Casa De Fruta.”

“Among the fans was 3-year-old Game Ruiz, who received a flower from a chivalrous knight. “She wants to be a princess,” said her mother,”

“good versus evil, with jousting on horseback and dueling on foot.”

“This is the first year for the Knights at the Western Idaho Fair. They arrived in Garden City early Thursday and went right to work erecting a wood-and-metal castle at the fairgrounds.”

“The Knights of the Realm who crossed swords and braved charging horses at the Benton Franklin Fair on Tuesday fought to the death but will live again as road warriors crisscrossing the West to engage in dozens of summer battles. Impressive equestrian skill, indeed, but the battle scenes were the most thrilling, with two to four knights and squires flashing titanium swords menacingly. The loud clashes of blade-on-blade produced sparks visible even in broad daylight, and the frequency of near-misses awed spectators with their realism.”

“The sound of thunderous horse hooves, the clashing of lance upon metal shields, the roar of the crowd, dust flying everywhere - it's all part of the Northern California Renaissance Faire held at Casa De Fruta in Hollister every year. The knights first demonstrate skills of spear throwing, working up to full-contact jousting, then take part in assorted medieval combat matches involving every sharp pointed stick, club and spear they can get their hands on, to the audience's overwhelming approval.”