WorldService Project / Press

“…I’ll tell you, I like this record (Relentless) a lot.”

Stuart Maconie - BBC Radio 6 Music

“Young Turks WorldService Project woke up sleepy Brecon with their unabashed but often brilliant post-prog funk.”

Mike Flynn - Jazzwise

“…Interesting noises continue to flow from the UK jazz scene, and the latest to take up the creative baton are the exhilarating WorldService Project. Pianist Dave Morecroft leads this distorted quintet with a missionary zeal…Raucous, muscular and groovy, there is a playful aesthetic at work here that oscillates between the conventions of formal composition and outright grunginess. Volatile substance, handle with care.”

12 Points Festival

“Avant-funk, new-funk, prog-jazz, serious skronk-jazz – this quintet…attracts trendy monikers the way a pullover attracts burs. But don’t be put off – they’re really very good.”

Ivan Hewitt - The Telegraph

“This is big, swaggery jazz played with passion, aggression, and no little humour…but the music is honed and crafted to a fine degree.”

Laurence Mackin - The Irish Times

“An irreverent blend of face-slapping funk, odd metered grooves and a clutch of catchy, zizagging melodies all to dazzling effect. Possessing the jagged edge of Led Bib and some of trioVD’s playfulness it’s WSP’s P-Funk undercurrents that promise big things lie ahead for them.”

Mike Flynn - Time Out London

“…rammed with stop-start melodies, crunching bass-guitar and drum grooves, and sophisticated horn lines…”

John Fordham - The Guardian

“​European jazz need have no fear for the future…WorldService Project is rocking and typically British, a la 2012”

Jan Granlie - Jazznytt