World Class Thugs / Press

"I believe World Class Thugs made a wise decision in naming their first album Curio. Each song evokes curiosity, perhaps nostalgia. Each is unique unto itself. They might all be collected in a single cabinet like those pictured on the album, all part of the same history but all different."

"The band's new album, Curio, doesn't sound like the work of any mooks; instead, it's a jazzy Americana excursion."

Jason P. Woodbury - Phoenix New Times

"The band, which took its moniker from famed linguist Noam Chomsky’s essay “Media Control,” plays the furthest thing from “thug” music, sounding at times on their debut CD, “Ameripirahna,” like a band equally at home in a German cabaret, a ska club or even a honky-tonk."

Chris Hansen Orf - Get-Out Magazine

"And what a mix it is — uptempo ska mixed with psychedelia, Kurt Weill-ish depressionism, swing music — almost like Squirrel Nut Zippers with untreated ADD."

"Much like a traditional band, World Class Thugs have guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, but they also cleverly mix in clarinet, banjo, and the washboard, along with atypical instruments, to create their signature Americana sound."

Az Weekly Magazine

"If you thought a broom was just for cleaning up a mess, think again. World Class Thugs use a variety of non-traditional instruments in their shows to create a varied style that appeals to fans of many genres."

Nicki Escudero - AMP Az Press