“Terry Johnson Jr., a.k.a. WordPlay T.JAY, is an American recording artist, producer, and visual artist from Little Rock who’s known for his constant ambition and work ethic. He has also been seen in NWA emceeing for Mindblock (Fayetteville’s Alzheimer’s Benefit) and at the Block St. Block Party earlier that day. After deciding to leave his corporate job at Walmart headquarters to pursue his dreams of touring the country and making music, he is releasing a new album, due out July 27, 72701 Stories: College Ambitions.”

“Hip-hop music and Colonial Williamsburg would seem to be unlikely bedfellows. Sometimes, though, opposites attract. The town that time forgot is about to host a concert featuring up-and-coming rappers both home grown and imported. Rhyme slingers T. Jay, who hails from Little Rock, Ark.; Josh Everhart, from Williamsburg; and Norfolk's BEEWest are scheduled to perform 8 p.m. Friday, July 13, at the Kimball Theatre on Duke of Gloucester Street in Virginia's colonial capital.”

“Within moments of jumping onstage, one of the University of Arkansas’ most successful hip-hop artists, T.Jay, has the crowd jumping and waving their hands to his flow. Last week he was in Brooklyn, N.Y. — fresh from a show in Boston, promoting his new album Nothing Less. As with most success stories, T.Jay did not find himself where he is overnight.”

“Not to pound any keys here, but the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Arkansas is good food and company. Many will imagine the accents, Razorbacks, wildlife & the Little Red River, or "Quapaws;" while others picture Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Billy Bob Thornton, Maya Angelou or John Gould Fletcher. T. Johnson, the soulful, Southern gentleman and JScriptz have linked up to make a statement and to show, that hip-hop exists and the voices behind it are being heard.”

“The second dope Amy Winehouse sample I've heard today: @tjay501's "I Told Ya So"”

“After several years of working towards mastering his sound the 23 year old artist is now ready to release his music on a major level. In less than a year T.JAY has garnished respect as an emcee that does his own thing no matter what. Check out his song Donuts produced by JayMob.”

“I've been following Arkansas emcee T.Jay for a little while now and I'm a fan. I can't emphasize, enough, how nice it is to hear an artist like him amidst a culture where posers like Rick Ross...”

“Hey there blogger babies! Hope you’re ready for another Turntable Tuesday. This week we have T.JAY from Little Rock, AR. This dude definitely has a Midwest sound, a little grimy and little funky and I totally diggin it. T.JAY is the jack of all trades artist, when he’s not producer and running his own record label, he’s DJing a local Hip Hop show for the University of Arkansas. Hope you enjoy!”

“Who is T. Jay? Well his name is Terry Johnson he’s a rapper, poet, producer & entrepreneur from Little Rock “and I’m always, constantly evolving” Johnson adds. The man behind the microphone and out of his rap persona’s comfort zone isn’t much different than his tracks would lead you to believe. From the politically and religiously charged track True Religion to the self empowering Resurrection Johnson said he “just tries to be real” when asked about his music, and aim with his upcoming album Nothin’ Less.”

“Ja Rule and Sway give T.Jay's "Breakfast & Biggie" the thumbs up on MTV's Rap Fix Live”

“What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist I most often say I’m a wordsmith. I like to twist and bend the English language. I began as a creative writer writing poetry and short stories. Looking at words I thought it’s amazing how much you can portray with one word. It’s even more amazing how you can take one phrase and it will have 2 or 3 meanings”

"T.Jay is nominated for Best Hip Hop/R&B by Northwest Arkansas Music Awards"

“On The Map Music presents another piece of amazing work from its flagship artist, T.Jay. While working on his album Nothin’ Less T.Jay has created The Quarterly Report EP. This is an EP series due to be released every 3 months until T.Jay gets funding for his album.”

“ON THE MAP MUSIC GROUP PRESENTS: T.JAY with BREAKFAST & BIGGIE [OFFICIAL VIDEO]. Breakfast & Biggie is T.Jay’s representation of Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day”.  He talks about the love for listening to hip hops classics and how the industry shouldn’t change but recognize its roots. ”

“This particular mix has more Baby Armie exclusives than any other I've put out. I'll be posting them individually in the coming weeks (and you can grab that G6 jernt below for starters). It's also steeped with A-state friendliness: unreleased tracks by Wolf-E-Wolf and Sleek, an unreleased 607 flip as well as his killer Basement Jaxx one, and exclusive blends by yours truly, including one of Fayetteville rapper and Concrete Schoolyard co-host T.Jay's new track "Breakfast & Biggie." (Cop it off iTunes.) Oh! And most importantly, there are multiple Walmart references to round out the Arkansas vibes. Enjoy!”

“T.Jay, now at 22, had introduced himself to the area by these means- his release and shows at local clubs. Venues such as Vinos, Juanita’s, Downtown Music, the River Market, Lit Lounge, Rouge, and Cornerstone Pub quickly booked him to enthusiastic crowds. Driving home from the performances, his fans could hear him on KHTE Hot 96.5 and KABF 88.3 Trill among others. What truly set him apart was his steadfastness in remaining positive in a culture that discouraged it. Through his creative wordplay he painted a picture of everyday life- the good and the bad, which commercial rap has lost.”