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“These four young women could (should!) turn out to be the roots music find of the decade. Their playing and arrangements almost defy superlatives.”

“One of the most exciting new arrivals on the bluegrass scene - Ireland's answer to The Be Good Tanyas.”

“Ultimately the ladies have produced a record true to the core, wide in appeal and aiming straight to recognisable status. A fine achievement for a debut record.”

“Belfast’s contribution to Americana, there’s an immediate attraction that comes from the dramatic vocals, tight harmonies, insistent finger picking, searing strings and rattling percussion. That’s not to say this is album is all about how fast you can play, far from it, it’s more about delivering expressive songs with meaning that alternate ‘hard-driving’ with ‘relaxed-cruising’, while along the way you’re treated to some outstanding musicianship and accomplished songwriting.”

“Wookalily's debut album, All The Waiting While, was easily worth all the waiting ... for it really is 'finger-plucking good' from start to finish!”

“Listening to the new Wookalily record and those fightin, murderin, black magic wielding gals have delivered a classic long player.”

“Beauty imbued finger picking with some classic folk vocals, steaming banjo, ever evolving fiddle and the occasional holler. This album has just escaped from being tied to the railway tracks by a man with a twisty moustache; and it is out for revenge.”

“Smashing debut album from one of the leading acts on the local acoustic music scene. Hopefully this release will help get their music out to a wider audience.”

“If you think there's no high energy music around, listen to Wookalilly's new album. All the Waiting While is full of great, high energy playing, great harmonies, fine funny lyrics….the girls done real good.”

“Wookalily are the most brilliant, intoxicating and life-enhancing band I've heard in 20 years - not only from Northern Ireland, from anywhere. Lindsay Crothers is a vocal sensation. It's unbelievable that these people can still be seen for free in bars around Belfast.”

“Wookalily, the all female Northern Ireland Bluegrass/Newgrass band, are a fantastic mix of traditional sounds and modern folk with a little Irish influence. Headed up by songwriter Adele Ingram this band, in its many diverse forms, sit comfortably both within the bluegrass and Newgrass market as well as the folk and country scene. Their unique songwriting and fantastic musicality have carved them a unique place in the Irish music scene seeing them play everywhere from big festivals and stages to intimate residencies in Belfast City's prestigious Cathedral Quarter.”

“Nice music, ladies! Keep it up!”

“On the strength of the their achievements to date, it would be rash to predict how far Wookalily might go in the future.”

“Pretty damn hot songs”

Barry Devlin - Musician & singer/songwriter with Horslips, screen writer and director

“The balanced mix of bluegrass, folk and country may give it a quirky sound, but this female-led and roots-based band of dedicated and talented performers also has an extra quality … enough banter and craic to make the on-stage enjoyment even more infectious – Wonderful Wookalily!”

"You girls wowed the audience - loved your set, thanks for playing!"

Tracy Dempsey - Soul Ambition Sofa Session at The Ulster Hall, Belfast

"The musical mix shifts again for a few laid back Appalachian tunes from Adele Ingram and Meghan McWilliams of multi-instrumentalist group, Wookalilly. A rendition of 'Wayfaring Stranger' echoes out into the early evening"

"Congratulations to Wookalily on their fabulous concert Saturday night last. The audience lapped up their unique style of Bluegrass and howled for more! We can't wait to have them back for another amazing evening."

Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre - The Danny Boy Festival

“Speaking of Wookalily's recording of Dixie Hall's song 'To a Dove': "It is absolutely beautiful! Tom T. loves it too. We’re very proud to have you." ”

Dixie Hall - Daughters of Bluegrass and Blue Circle Records, Nashville

“Wonderful to have you guys under our roof! Sounded great, and we look forward to the next time!”

“I saw Wookalily at the Open House Festival in Belfast. They're combination of skilled musicianship and crowd-friendly banter had the place in raptures. And their original songs weren't half bad either! Definitely the band to see for a thigh-slapping night on the tiles.”

“Wookalily launched their new EP "Black Magic Doll" with a super show at The Real Music Club. At the RMC we do our utmost to support local talented artists and Wookalily proved they fall into that category with a stirring performance before a near sell out crowd.”

“The Jester pub was a first-timer at the festival and hosted the 'wild card' show of the festival with Wookalily from Co. Down. The girls of Wookalily played live on 'News talk' that morning and played another acoustic show on Saturday afternoon. All their shows were top-class, and they proved that it was the right decision to book them to the festival. ”

“Hey, really enjoyed the band the other day. Fantastic sound. will defintely love to come see you play soon. Niamh”

“O Sisters, There Art Thou! Wookalily rattle out feelgood rootsy tunes that could raise the spirits of the most beaten down chaingang in the history of the deep south and have them dancing their shackles off to folkin’ glorious freedom in minutes.”

“Five young women with folk music running through their veins and a catalogue of tunes to keep feet tapping into the wee small hours. They’ve been honing their craft individually for years and as a group have taken the local folk and country scene by storm.”

“Wookalily love their music, they play it with great panache, and have a unique steer on the traditions of roots, folk and Americana.”

Stuart Bailie - BBC Radio Ulster