Woody's Rampage / Press

“For the music business to survive there has to be a good pool of talent to replace the ones that are the rage of today and one of the chief complaints of many people is that young talent that is truly original and not a product of the idol and karaoke competitions is hard to find. And on the musician side of things, artists that can really play their instrument and not be a total automaton that spits out copy cat riffs and runs like a parrot are fairly rare as well. That’s why Ryan Hall and Woody’s Rampage is such a revelation. Out of New Orleans, Hall is a relatively young man (19) who at first glance might fool you with the clean cut, all-American look but who is also capable of picking up his guitar and sawing your face completely off with licks that come screaming out of his amp like Tasmanian death. And it’s not just technically perfect; he also has the “feel” of a musician that has played much longer than he has. If it fits, he plays it and if it doesn’t, it’s go”