"Having "Avengers" level hype, this album [Candidate For Consumption] "Hulk Smashes" your ears, and you won't care. Woods Of Arden is an example of unsigned music acts being able to produce quality music just like the major acts without the million dollar budgets. Coming off their first successful EP, "Short Fuse Dynamite", Woods Of Arden return with their full length album "Candidate For Consumption". The long wait and anticipation has paid off, because this unsigned band once again shows the mainstream acts how it's done. Quite simply put, the record kicks ass. ...Woods Of Arden teased us for years with a full album release possibility, and in 2014 they finally deliver an epic album that once again makes this reviewer think, very loudly, "why the hell aren't these guys signed!?". Do yourself a favor and get this album. You'll be glad you did. My Rating: 9/10"

"This is a great listen from beginning to end ...THAT IS RARE THESE DAYS!! The success of this band is the mix of metal and 90's hard rock that melds together perfectly to create this band's sound. It has perfect ingredients - serious guitar and actual vocal melodies that carry you away. This is one for the collection!!"

“There is no denying this quintet the serious kudos they deserve for the effort that went into this work of Rock-and-Roll Art.  Soaring vocals, tantalizing guitar work, and  an arousingly tight rhythm section drive this EP from start to finish.  There isn’t a track I would even think of skipping.  From the heated opening tracks, “Over the Line” and “Twice as Nice” into the compact harmonies in “Crazy”, which gives a little hint at Alice in Chains without scamming their style, through the last furious track, “Rabbit”, there is a feeling that these guys are out to dominate the Rock scene and nothing is going to stop them.  This hard-rocking crew can be seen next on Thursday April 21st at 7:30pm at the Gramercy theater, 27 East 23rd St, in NYC.”

"From start to finish, “Candidate For Consumption” delivers non-stop rock with an attitude".

“First off, let me first state that while I'll always like a mainstream band I follow that puts out a great album, what I love even more is an unknown, local, unsigned band that just "get's it". When I say that, I mean they know what they are doing with their music and understand their sound. They don't try any bullshit with effects on their instruments and vocals. It's just them, kicking ass. When I first popped this EP into my car stereo, by the end of the first track "Over The Line", I nodded my head and said to myself "Yeah, these guy's get it". I've heard a lot of demo's and EP's by local bands that want to make it. Most of the bands were wannabe rip offs. Some were just not good. Others tried to be Linkin Park and mess with Auto-Tune and made their record sound like shit, when it could have been a pretty decent record. Not Woods Of Arden. They go right around the garbage that is Auto-Tune and deliver 6 amazing Rock tracks that rival the mainstream artists. ”

"The anniversary celebration started out with a bang as Jessica Pimentel, lead singer for the metal band Alekhines Gun introduced the first act with her trademark death growl. Openers, Woods of Arden stormed the stage with the type of intensity that a lead off must have in order to gain the crowd’s attention. They are the definition of a modern rock band, in the best sense of the word. The Staten Island quintet played each song with catchy hooks and solid breakdowns."

“When I met Woods of Arden, the chemistry and family relationship they had with eachother was, and is, very obvious.  They have been playing with eachother for years, and I love the energy they send out to the audience...   I have yet to see these guys perform out live besides my acoustic setting....and I cannot wait to work with them, and watch them tear it up on the stage!     Michael had sent me the CD with a TShirt awhile back, and I remember thinking it was one of the coolest band Tshirts I had ever gotten!  I of course mentioned that when I played them on the air one night, and they knew the exact day/time I had aired them!  That's dedication to my show, that's dedication to their band.  That's passion. ...oh and of course check out their sweeeeeet shirts!   The band has a 90's feel to it, and the acoustic performance is of their song "Crazy" which I will definitely say, is a HIT. ..catchy with beautiful harmonies....   ”

“...Woods of Arden was the opening rock band of the night, warming up the crowd with their modern rock sound that has a bit of a classic rock vibe. The band’s musicianship was very solid overall. Their stage presence was pretty tame as a whole except for the drummer, who played with fire and maintained a great groove throughout the performance. The singer’s high pitched glam rock-esque screams/belts/ball-squeezing noise were awesome and surprisingly not cheesy, which is extremely hard to pull it off in a modern rock band. They were a great appetizer to the Gotham Rocks feast, leaving the palette hungry for more rock.”

“The members of Staten Island rock band, Woods of Arden, are ready to take it to the next level with their new EP Short Fuse Dynamite. This is the 3rd EP by the band and it opens up strong with the driven “Over the Line. The haunting vocal harmonies in “Crazy” convey a large amount of emotion from vocalist Alex and the acoustic guitars complement his lower range tremendously. “Goodbye” changes the feel up a bit with an array of effects and has a dance feel to the verses. The last fifteen seconds of the record allow drummer Mike to show off his chops, sending off Short Fuse Dynamite with a bang. To celebrate what drummer Mike says is “The band’s best and most proud of recordings yet,” WOA will be having their CD release party November 12 at the Gramercy Theater hosted by Livenation.com."”