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“Major League Rocker Award Winner Wooden Robot Twitter: @WoodenRobot Website: www.woodenrobotandyou.com”

“Creative rock bands are like candy on Halloween to me, and I filled my smiling pumpkin bag when I heard Wooden Robot. Their music is a tasty treat of true originality. Songs like "Wake UP" exemplify their musical genius. Reminding me somewhat of the great Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman is filtering in as I hear "Low". Maybe you will hear it too because I see Wooden Robot playing on radios all over very soon. Check out Wooden Robot on their Official Website www.woodenrobotandyou.com and follow them on Twitter @WoodenRobot”

“Wooden Robot Awarded 24th best Alternative Rock band On Indie Charts "www.indiecharts.com”

"I can tell you without a doubt, that they wail. Find them, see them, your neck will hurt in the best way."

"Wooden Robot’s sound is intoxicatingly original."

“There are some bands that make your ears ring. There are some that lull you as you nod disinterestedly, asleep on your feet. Then there are some that make your neck hurt in the best way for the week afterward. Every time you raise your head to check your rear view, you are reminded in no uncertain terms that you rocked out. You rocked out hard, and there was nothing you could do about it. My neck is still killing me from the evening I spent at Kilkenny’s, listening to Redondo’s own, Wooden Robot.”

"Top 100 Unsigned Bands"

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