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“CANADIAN outfit Womb have released their debut music video for the track Baby Don't Love Me. The track is taken from the band's debut four-track EP, which you can download from here - wombofficial.bandcamp.com Chris from Womb told RealSoundsOK: "The video features a fairly harmless premise. Womb sets up to play in my girlfriend's bedroom. She's asleep and is super-pissed when she wakes to find us rocking out. "She takes revenge. The violence we endure would seem excessive and brutal, if it weren't so awesome. "Hope you like your jazzy-garage-punk with nun-chucks, guns, chains and enough blood to fill a hospital."”

“Garage jazz/blues is probably the most apt description for the musical stylings of Womb. While the band was busy touring this summer, they still found the time to put together a debut music video for the single “Baby Don’t Love Me”. The video is of the humorous variety and features the band getting the living hell beat out of them by a spiteful girlfriend.”

“It'd be easy for a band to hide behind the shocking violence in order to cover up a song that's not as good, but this definitely isn't the case with "Baby Don't Love Me", whose garage-rock groove is infectious from beginning to end, and it's one you probably wouldn't mind all too much waking up to if Womb was playing right in your room - though Woozle's girlfriend still didn't appreciate it!”

“To start with, Womb's 'Baby Don't Love Me' is a bluesy number with an appealing stomp and pleasing scratchy tone to the guitars. There is a raspy quality to the vocals and a groove that is hard to resist because it's been around from the days of Hendrix to Orphic Soop and now Womb.”

“This is a pretty cool video, things get intense quick. The song is VERY dope too. Its off their debut self-titled EP.”

“It was never known exactly what occurred when the union of these people took place, but we do know that due to these series of mystical events, came the birth of a reverberation known as Womb”

"the violence we endure would seem excessive and brutal, if it weren't so awesome."

“They have this course kind-of jazzy-garage-punk sound going on, and they couple it with these really horse-throat vocals to write the kind of strained love songs that’ll get you through the night”

“Womb is no stranger to dynamics and works flawlessly between tempos to create the appropriate mood for their musical stylings.”

“I first got word of this band from their audition for this particular event where a friend of mine had been a judge and simply said, “You gotta hear these guys.” ”