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“Taking the worst parts of black, thrash, and death metal and titty-twisting them into an unholy braid of ugliness, Atlanta's Wolves and Jackals were one of the best metal bands I saw live last year and remain on rotation to this very day. You can buy their album (and probably this demo as well) here. These three songs represent a mere sampling, but they are indeed most brutal and grim, yes indeedy.”

“He shouted, “Come on, motherfuckers!” ... then lead the band into a bludgeon of metal tunes...When the floorboards out front stopped vibrating, we knew they were finished...”

“If you like blood curdling screams, screeching guitar, and blistering drums, then Wolves and Jackals new LP, Rise of the Mourning Star is just for you. The album’s raw production and searing motifs blend the likes of thrash, black metal, death metal, and hardcore to “construct a driving force of speed and vigorous brutality,”...Rise of the Mourning Star is must-listen for fans of any of the many metal sub-genres and should certainly send this buzz-worthy act to the top of all metal-blog mini feeds...Wolves and Jackals just got back from a mini US tour which they documented on their Facebook – food stops, beer romps, van problems and all...We had the pleasure of manufacturing their run of Rise of the Mourning Star and couldn’t be happier with the resulting audio, not to mention the apocalyptic scene featured on the artwork...Make sure you “Like” Wolves and Jackals on Facebook – if you’re lucky they might be bringing their “relentless epic of violence” to a club nea”

“All in all, The Rise of the Mourning Star is a very solid and very grim EP that reveals a blackened death metal band with a sound that will be adored by fans of the genre. Their sound pumps evil into the ears of the listener, the songwriting is absolutely stellar, it never leaves the listener bored. Then the lyrics have a beautiful brutality and finality to them. This is a record that many a death metaller and black metaller will enjoy. It has the raw anger of death metal mixed with a fantastic blackness that will appeal to even the most kvlt.”

“The guitar riffs are colossal and often in the vein of Suffocation's brutal guitar work. The riffs are filled with a manic energy that permeates throughout the entire album. The bass playing is extremely heavy and creates a massive bottom end that allows for maximum headbanging action. I particularly like the bass riffs under a few of the solos, they really allow the music to achieve its full potential. The drumming is hectic and features the raw anger that makes black metal acts like Behemoth so solid. Yet, it also can lay back a bit and allow for the music to slow down and just become powerful and throbbing. Finally we have the vocals, might screams pulled out of Darkwolf, the lead singer, as those from a tortured man. He captures the grim anguish of the lyrics with couplets like “His power overwhelming/Fallen Angels by his side/He's waited for this day/In which the Mourning Star will rise”...”

“It is not often that one gets to hear some good blackened death metal, it is a genre that is hard to define and even harder to play. Rarely does a band seem to find the balance that Wolves & Jackals achieves, a synthesis between two of heavy metals most extreme styles. Combining Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse, Wolves & Jackals has found a balance that many bands are still trying to achieve. With a death metal brutality and a black metal grimness, it is hard to describe the effect that their new record The Rise of the Mourning Star has on the listener upon first listen...”

“...it results in audio of pure negativity, and in turn offers an outlet to the despondent and down trodden...Wolves and Jackals released its first full-length recording, “The Rise of the Mourning Star.” Said album uses black/death and thrash metal brushes to paint a bleak and aggressive version of Satan’s fall and the subsequent fall of man...”

“After listening to “The Rise of the Mourning Star” for a couple of days, I’m giving it 8/10...well-written and executed...fans of Death, Thrash or any combination of the two will enjoy this. I’m going to be keeping my eye on these guys, and I’d advise you to do the same...I have a feeling that they’re going to put something out that will kick all of our asses in the future, mark my words!”