Wolf Regime / Press

“In the self title song. The guitars are blistering and there’s an anthemic anti-authoritarian chorus. The verses are palm muted, tight and it feels like the song’s going to burst into triplets at any time. It’s a traditional metal song which recalls old videos of men in leather singing on Scottish moors. Which, I am sure, is exactly what the band were looking for. The third track, For No One, is the stand out track for me: all harmonised guitars in 7ths with half step changes recalling the music of horror films. In fact, I am sure I also detected some Raining Blood in the DNA of this song. The opposite of Breakout, it feels like the music shifts form deliberately in interesting ways. It is here that I would say Wolf Regime show their potential and if they are clever they could expand on the strengths they show here and become a really interesting listen. Definitely worth a listen if you have fond memories of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal or just love dueling guitars. ”


““...the tracks on their 'Breakout' single are solid and confidently played & Their live shows are getting very good reviews, which is where it really counts! “ ”

IRISH METAL ARCHIVE; Ireland’s leading online Heavy Metal magazine

"Wolf Regime have to be one of the hardest working bands in Ireland.. and back that hard work up with killer tunes like ‘For No One’ and ‘Wolf Regime’ ,reminding fans what metal should sound like"