Wolf Like Child / Press

“With strong influences from the likes of Dead Weather and Tom Waits, WLC blends hypnotic vocals and guitar from frontwoman Ree with seething instrumentation from Ben Kidd on drums. When asked to describe Wars, the band offers a simple explanation, saying that this song is “a protest at all the war in the world with a window of positivity…of how it could be…” The song lingers over the pensive thoughts in the lyrics before reaching a new level of energy in the chorus, seething in a apparent frustration at the current state of affairs in the world. You can only applaud the worldly scope of the subject matter and how concise the thoughts and emotion behind the song are. This band knows what its message is and just how to communicate it.”

"So resolutely alt-rock that they must be one of the trendiest band in their native Brighton, Wolf Like Child nonetheless take their decidedly straightforward song “Wars” and infuse it with both a political edge and an oblique feel that is almost French. On balance, I think this band may be too good to be trendy"

“(Love, Death & Fear) "Ambient and very much aware of it, this track builds upon that with a candid appeal built into the bittersweet. There is a high yield from how this is championed. The momentary attributes in the delivery appraise the song and also court the solemn traits in a way that enriches the experience. How it accommodates the context here is a fine point of note it must be said"”

“Downbeat in mood, Brighton’s Wolf Like Child add gothic sensibilities and a musical maturity into the melting pot that is their song “Love, Death & Fear”. It’s not quite an oddball concoction but it is one that those who regard attendance at arts festivals as mandatory would regard as essential.”

"A rough sounding and sometimes awkward demo but “Pedestal” nonetheless shows that Brighton based band Wolf Like Child are capable of evoking that past midnight atmosphere. Edgy lyrics and laconic female vocals seal the deal"

"These guys are like mellow grunge (for lack of better words) with the best bits of bluesy folk. I’d say from what I heard of their lyrics and song names, that it fit the music perfectly but also added depth and atmosphere to the whole thing. It developed a narrative perfectly almost like listening to a story but more like you felt you were somewhere else with them"

“(Track called 'Pedestal') "Absolutely love the energy in this mix! Sensual and edgy. Floating but always with an unearthly destination. Stellar lyrical work that rides a magic carpet of musical excellence!"”