WolfGame / Press

“WolfGame is a 25, soon to be 26, year old MC who was born in Indianola, MS and moved to Jackson, MS at an early age. WolfGame now has his sights set on the rest of the world. Through his rhymes, he plans to be one of the top hip hop players in the business. Will you be there when he makes it? You can be if you get in on the ground floor. See right now he only has a few songs to get the people going on his Reverbnation page, but it is only a matter of time before the tracks start piling up for everyone to enjoy. Okay, so there are actually six songs, but two are just the clean versions of the parental advisory ones, you know for radio purposes. Those two songs happen to be 4 Dat Money and My Circle. 4 Dat Money is all about going hard and doing anything to make money; anything. My Circle sounds angry the whole way through and it seems like you have to be up to par to be a part of WolfGames inner circle, or else. If you cannot handle that song, you probably can't handle him. cont.....”