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“WOJCIK makes music that kicks ass. We don’t mean that it in the generic sense of “it’s really good,” even though it is. We mean that if you got in a fight with a song like “Pick Me Clean,” it would beat you to a pulp and spit on you as it walked away. If the shredding guitars and all-around intensity of the music don’t convince you, take a look at the cover of the album Wise Blood (Blood Bunny). It’s a wolf taking a bite out of what appears to be strands of red meat. Don’t mess with WOJCIK, and just download “Pick Me Clean” below.”

“Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood has been a touchstone for recording artists before — it inspired the lyrics of Gang of Four’s “A Man With a Good Car” and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “I Had a Dream Joe” — but WOJCIK is interpreting it more literally on their referential goth-rock track “Wise Blood,” the title track from their new album. In the five-minute-long cut, the Brooklyn two-piece, fronted by Hailey Wojcik, shouts out to O’Connor’s novel on the refrain, as the song swells with reverb-glazed guitar riffs and a hard-charging percussion. Speaking on the track, Wojcik tells Hive, “I’ve loved Flannery O’Connor’s writing for a long time, and at some point it got me thinking of my music as ‘Midwestern Gothic’ — I’m originally from Michigan. It is also inspired by a kind of feeling of being out of place or being mischaracterized by people.” Rarely, though, has the Gothic felt this kind of haunting; “Wise Blood” is a catchy track that’s”

“The only problem with WOJCIK's first album Wise Blood, is that it's so magnificent, everything they make after can only pale in comparison. The most note worthy track from the album is undoubtably "Pick Me Clean." It encompasses everything about Wise Blood that makes it excel. It's got ridiculously distorted guitar, which, while essential for any garage rock band, WOJCIK takes to a new level. It adds to their authenticity and separates them from the plague of over-production that has taken garage rock away from its roots. What really makes this track stand out is how it manages to incorporate hooks without relying on pop rock techniques. Instead, WOJCIK throws some gothic synth in the background and belts the chorus like a punk rock Adele. Somehow it still manages to get stuck in your head. Comparing the singer to Adele isn't an understatement either. The girl can sing. Her deep, sultry voice adds a maturity and almost-eroticism to the song. Don't miss out on this band. Wise Blood”

“Video of the Day Artist: Wojcik Video: "Pick Me Clean" Highlight: "This video was inspired by my love of horror movies -- Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead were on my mind during shooting," singer/guitarist Hailey Wojcik tells Spinner. "The song has some semi-violent, cannibalistic imagery, so a zombie video seemed fitting. It was a lot of fun to shoot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and I think aroused concern from a few stroller-pushing park visitors. I jump at any chance to cover myself in fake blood, but I'm still perfecting my recipe -- suggestions welcome!"”

“Brooklyn duo WOJCIK is so new they haven’t yet cut the tags off. Here’s what I do know: They’re from Brooklyn, and I like them They’re comprised of Geoff Lewit and Hailey Wojcik Good luck finding a picture of Geoff Wojcik is the most common surname in Poland They sound mighty fine at volumes that may disturb others who may be in the room with you WOJCIK, with apologies to Brother Wayne Kramer, kick out the jams Their debut, The [VOY​-​chek] EP, is yours for the taking, and I like it, a lot They’re not afraid to take James Murphy by the horns They’re playing at Coco66 tonight (Thursday, January 6th), and I can’t make it, but I wish I could Please enjoy these songs whilst you marvel at the fact that I managed to navigate the grammatical minefield that is this post.”