Wizard Eye / Press

“Wizard Eye has been a solid staple of the Philadelphia heavy music community for almost a decade now, stitching their sprawling doom and simmering psych-rock carefully into the city's patchwork fabric since 2007. I remember booking them a million and a half times back in college, and they were always the sunniest, smiliest bunch of dudes you could ever hope to see hauling mountains of gear onstage. The music was always the focal point, of course, and now that they're finally gearing up to release a new full-length, I couldn't be happier to premiere a spacy new jam here at Noisey. "Falling Flying" is all slow-burning swagger and fuzz-wah freakery, kicking back at the unholy crossroads between Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer.”

“Philly-based bashers Wizard Eye were otherwise new to me, but they opened the evening with a stirring set of raucous riffage, and won me over with their last two tunes. Their singer/guitarist also boasts, bar none, the best dreads in doom. I can only presume that he doesn’t work with heavy machinery–y’know, besides the guitar.”

““…it was their third show with new drummer Mike in the trio with the dreaded guitarist/vocalist Erik Caplan and bassist/backing vocalist Dave. If there was any anxiety on their part, they didn’t show it. Wizard Eye seemed as comfortable as ever as they nestled into their thick, air-pushing Sleep-style stoner grooves, Caplan moving from his guitar to the theremin at just the moment when it seemed the former wouldn’t deliver anymore wail than that which had already been extracted from it. My overarching impression of the band remains the same as when I saw them in February — they need to get an album out. It’s time and even being 33 percent new, their presentation was tight enough to make me think they’re more than ready to go. Hopefully soon.””

“Wizard Eye. I’ll admit, I prefer extreme vocals. I appreciate a good singing voice, but I love the menace of screaming or growling. Vocalist/guitarist Erik propelled their dirty riff rock with a hoarse howl that delighted my crusty ears. Their music felt like Church Of Misery if they had spent all their time smoking dope and watching science fiction instead of researching serial killers . With theremin flourishes and solid bass work from Dave (who looked like the Lorenzo Lamas of stoner metal), Wizard Eye were on point from the first appropriate squeal of feedback. Dave also insisted on adding one shorter song to the set to use the entire three minutes left available of their time spot, and I want to personally thank him, because “On the Banks of a River” pulsed with energy and ended the already spectacular set with a bold exclamation point. Also, Erik’s dreads are approximately 94 feet long.”

“Tone! Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal of the whole dudeliness-for-dudeliness’-sake thing, but when Wizard Eye got going, I felt like I’d just come home. The Philly three-piece — Erik Caplan on guitar/vocals/theremin, Dave on bass/vocals and Scott on drums — were the fuzziest band of the night, with a heaviness not so much displayed through aggression, but through the weight of the music itself. Caplan and Dave traded back and forth vocals and brought Thee Nosebleeds‘ Lyman up for a guest spot fronting the band, which he did with vicious energy and a more decidedly hardcore punk presence. Wizard Eye were refreshing and just the first of several acts still to come who need to get a record out. Their sound is too cohesive and too developed to have a demo’s production do it justice. Low end for days.”

“Wizard Eye’s guitarist Erik exhibited both dreads and hot lickology all the way down to the floor, and the whole stoner sludge routine filled the bar with phantom weed tokes and hints of mellow trips to come. The band proved to be equally adept at throwing open the throttle and raging wicked fast as the set progressed. Erik’s theremin work added a fourth dimension (and a third eye) to the music. At this point in the evening, I worried that I had heard the best the weekend would offer.”

“Guitarist/vocalist Erik from Philly trio Wizard Eye looked the part of the wizard manning his theremin, his dreadlocks dragging on the floor of the stage behind him, impossibly long. Long like you think of roads as being long. The three-piece blended Weedeater sludge with Fu Manchu stonerisms, had some Sabbath in there of course, but did not short either on aggression. Erik does guest leads on the new Clamfight CD and he showed off a bit of that prowess as well, in between bursts of dual-vocals with bassist Dave while Scott slammed away behind… They were — what’s the word again? — heavy. Some familiar elements, but put to good use, and the theremin went a long way in adding to the overall wash of noise. Stone and tone: It’s not exactly the new math when it comes to this kind of thing, but Wizard Eye did well with it. The balance of the vocal mics was a little off coming through the house, but I get the sense in a smaller room, they’d be absolutely crushing.”

“...Big, crushing riffs, psychedelic solos, murky-as-hell guitar fuzz, and Southern-fried blues swagger. Philadelphia’s Wizard Eye delivers all that and more on its one and only full-length to date, “Orbital Rites” (available online since 2010 as a free download, recently made available as a limited-edition CD for those attending the Stoner Hands of Doom festival in Connecticut this year). ....Wizard Eye obviously takes influence from the masters, blending the jet-black woozy blues of Black Sabbath with the trippy gigantism of Blue Oyster Cult, before cooking that mix in a cottonmouth-inducing haze of desert heat and then finally running the whole damn concoction through a bunch of extraterrestrial effects pedals salvaged from a downed alien ship. The resulting mind-fuck is equal parts grim, grungy, pissed-off ‘n’ spaced-out. If you like music that’s heavy, hellish and high as a kite, then crack open your copy of the dreaded Necronomicon, smoke a bowl, hit play on “Orbit”

“Philly’s Wizard Eye rounded out the bill with its own blend of catchy and heavy riffin’ that quickly drew bodies to the stage and officially got the evening’s festivities under way. Setting forth a dense foundation of bass distortions and driving drums, allowing the guitar work to wander into several effect-laden territories, the accessible, rock-styled vocals bring it all together in the end.”

“They play a blend of stoner, sludgy, spaced out fuzz, doom, heavy rock hybrid of metal. Parts Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Down all going through a psychedelic wave of Spaced Out Greatness. They released their debut album - Orbital Rites in 2010. And its a fucking awesome beast of an album. Another type of "How the Fuck are these Guys not signed" is beyond me scenario. As this album is epic. Lashings of stoner, sludge, psych, doom all played through if the band were stuck in a permanent timewarp in the 70's jamming with the Classic Bands of the time. What you get is 9 awesome tunes of for 39 minutes. This is one very spaced out trippy sludge/doom masterpiece... ...Imagine if Monster Magnet and Mastodon starting doing one heck of a weird Jam Session featuring tracks from both TAB and Crack The Skye. Well I think the results would sound like this.”

“Translated with Google Translate (and our apologies)... "Oh, shit, how much fat, bloated, this smoky rumble. Doom-like, fucking serious, quasi-sztónerikus rocking this space, which shakes the plaque csilisbabos fogadról. Ton and an enormous tail grab, szőrmeresztő riffelészet here, drawn deep masculine sound, with some jam-like, and you just száguldasz beaked kamionoddal the jet, the break up and nebulae fucking cool you are."”

“...One of my personal very recent discoveries, and a band maybe not so elegantly but surely effectively defined as “f****ing awesome” by those who listened to them sofar, is Wizard Eye, from Philadelphia, PA..... ...Music-wise this album literally “smokes.” ...Wizard Eye’s sound is dirty and raw but it is extremely well produced: you hear instruments nicely, you are wrapped by a rich sound, you get “the feeling”, you are plunged into the “atmosphere” straight away, you are made thirsty of more tunes. …………………………………9/10”

“I wouldn't say that they sound like "A herd of buffalo running off a cliff", as they write on myspace, but I say that they are f***ing great! The net is invaded by their debut full-length album, Orbital Rites (out on Iron Sheik Records/Gnome Grown Records), which is shared on Bandcamp for free. Free as these guys would like to see the surely tasty ganja they likely consume in high quantities, if I can judge by the deeply stoned sound of this awesome, weed-saturated album ... ...raw, weedy and desert spacey heavy stoner rock I've heard since a while. Tunes and riffs are absolutely great.. The sound in general and the guitars in particular are downtuned, distorted and poisoned with that big amount of "dirty" tone that I would like to hear in every stoner to doom to sludge album. ...And the vocals? So great! It's like hearing a mixture of Lemmy and laid-back Phil Anselmo in Down, dirty, gritty, raw alcoholic vocals which are perfect for this music for drug-addicted, yeah!”

“Wizard Eye is, how can I say it, ummm, simply fucking amazing! ...A few months back I was perusing the Bandcamp site for some new tunes and came across Wizard Eye. I thought it sounded like a pretty cool name for a band so I decided to give them a listen. ...I thought to myself, how could I have let this one slip through the cracks. ...Ok, now on to the music...the album starts off with a spacey flange heavy intro piece titled "Orbital Rites: Phase 1" which leads into the ultra fuzzy riffs of "Say No More". The high hat sets the rythym and the toms blast away into a killer groove. The song then winds down to a slow and low tempo complete with cowbell and finishing off with some badass guitar licks... Orbital Rites is an eclectic mix of fuzz, doom, southern rock, space and psychedelic. If I were to explain how the band sounds, I would sum it up as Down, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet and Molly Hatchet getting together for one badass jam party.”

“Fat, drug fueled jams from Philadelphia. 'Loud, down-tuned, psychedelic, riff-based, heavy rock n' roll'. Another one I (sadly) missed last year. Check it out!”