Within Reason / Press

“Within Reason is as solid as a rock and roll band as you'll find anywhere in America.You gotta respect the heavy work ethic they have. Good things are coming to them”

Damon Johnson - Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, Brother Cane

“In an ever changing business, it's still about the songs and that is what Within Reason does very well”

Larry Jacobson - Founder & CEO World Audience

“These guys throw the word "genre" out the window. They play what they feel and feel what they play, all in all the end product rocks!”

Marc Nader - See The Muzic

“Within Reason is an Active Rock band that is willing to put in the hard work and get dirty in the process. There is no doubt these guys having the staying power and work ethic”

Rob Daily - Daily Unsigned

“Birmingham, AL-based band, Within Reason, is making a name for themselves on the rock circuit and building a strong fanbase around the country”

Dan Harr - Music News Nashville

“Overall , these guys have proven that it is smart not to allow yourself to be pigeon holed into one genre or style. Keeping an open ear is one of the things that allow Within Reason to stay fresh and relevant”

Raven Woods - Valley Planet

“Been waiting for their release for what seems like forever and was prepared for disappointment. Wow! I was worrying for nothing. Amazing album from start to finish. The best they have ever sounded. Rock n' Roll perfection!”

Matt Davis - comedian

“The vocalist has passion and a unique delivery and voice. The musicianship is superior all the way around, and I particularly enjoyed the guitar work.”

Real Rocker Girl - Music Xray

“Within Reason rocks! They're a very refreshing change from the usual drivel. I've been in "the biz" in one way or another for 20 years, and I can honestly say, I think those guys are a shoe-in for commercial success”

Paulie - DigiVegas Radio

“It is Within Reason's driving work ethic that will probably be their deciding factor. These guys are not kids, but seasoned musicians who know what they like, who know what they want, and are doing it on their own terms”

Raven Woods - Valley Planet

“Nothing but great things to say great band great songs. Can't wait for more from them”

Jon Hanna

“For three nights we listened to songs by artists from all over the world. On the third night it came down to Within Reason as being the best band. This band really has some good music."”

Pat Adams - TennesseeConcerts.com

“For Birmingham rock band Within Reason, the road to breakout success hasn't been easy but the band's commitment to their songwriting and live shows is paying off in a big way.”

RSVP, Montgomery,AL

“Guitar driven modern rock with one foot on heavy metal ground, yeah that's what you get if you check out Alabama based Within Reason's new album "Bloodshot life". This album is a must for all fans of active rock”

Kaj Roth - Melodic.net

“You gotta give this band alot of credit. Their music rocks. As soon as I saw these guys on One Tree Hill I said to myself wow! they sound awsome. I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to purchase their cd. If anyone is looking for a great cd this is the one to buy. Great sound.”

Tim Mackenzie - Cd Baby

“I love these guys. Every song is great. I can let the record play through and start over. I do believe these guys are the next big thing”

RK SLayer - Cd Baby

“This is one of this best CD have bought ever! It hasn't come out of my CD player since I got it. I almost want two copies, one for the house and one for my car! CD Baby and Within Reason are awesome! ”

Jennifer Wright - Cd Baby

“Within Reason released their sophomore album Bloodshot Life in February and two singles "Hero" and "Bring Em Out" are picking up radio airplay. Not all openers are worth seeing but this band is.”

Kim Reed - DC Concerts Examiner

“Chris Dow delivers on lead vocals and has a voice for rock n' roll. Mook, David, & Griffin round out the band bringing skilled musicianship, memorable melodies and cool but stinging riffs to the table. They play with energy & abilities of seasoned professionals.”

Gary Allen - The Charlie Daniels Band & JJ Cale

“Your music and your songs are my passion. I am addicted to WITHIN REASON. There is something that pulls me towards them. Keep it up WITHIN REASON”

Di Dot - Myspace

“I first heard the band on the TV Show One Tree Hill during the Prom scene Favorite Sin there sound is so unique, Favorite Sin is one of my all time favorites... Being from the south I will support them...Both CD's rock!!!!”

Russell Edwards - Cd Baby