Witchburn / Press

“Whether it is the dark and moving riffs penned by founder and guitarist Mischa Kianne, or the edgy and impassioned vocals of Jamie Nova; who channels her emotions like a sonic battering ram, tattooing the listener’s soul, these two extraordinary talents are simply magical together. On the other side of the spectrum, drummer Dana Sims and bassist Jacy Peckham lay down a thunderous and groove steeped foundation on which the ladies build their metal machinations. Yin and Yang, testosterone and estrogen, rumble and radiance, Witchburn balance each unique talent of the band to create a dynamic and unforgettable whole. Kianne and Nova also made our Top 25 Women of Hard Rock and Metal list for 2012.”

“Witchburn is perhaps the best unsigned band in America. I say perhaps, only because I have not heard them all. However, three years since I first laid ears on their broody, down-tuned Black Sabbath-esque vibe, I have yet to change that opinion. They are, in fact, not just among the best unsigned, but better than many of the signed acts that cross my path on an endless basis. Yes, they are that impressive.”

“Jamie Nova's voice takes no prisoners. Bluesy and deep, gritty and unfaltering — think, ''Black Velvet, If You Please'' but without all the drama. It makes sense considering her years of practice in her other endeavor, the AC/DC tribute band Hells Belles, as Bon Scott-Brian Johnson. In the Seattle-based Witchburn, Nova's strong vocals are a quintessential match for straightforward rock. Guitarist Mischa Kianne, who's been hammering away metal riffs since junior high, is her six-string equivalent. With a debut album produced by Jack Endino, the man behind seemingly every good band from Nirvana to High on Fire, Witchburn is rock incarnate.”

Kat Renz - San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Seattle's Witchburn has that seething, Southern-fried hard rock-meet-metal style that's hard to listen to without at least a little head banging. If a witch were to burn, she'd probably howl similarly to the band's throaty female vocalist, Jamie Nova. She snarls, she hollers -- holding notes over wailing guitar. The band's latest release, This Is How We Slay Our Demons, is full of juicy metal.”

The San Francisco Weekly

“Laden with Sabbath-style guitar riffs and apocalyptic lyrics drenched in a sea of Southern Comfort, this five-piece stoner/doom metal band picks up where Pantera left off... Witchburn will floor you so hard you’ll wonder where the wrecking ball came from.”

Good Times Santa Cruz

“Dreadlocked guitarist Mischa Kianne (who's hot and who apparently plays fiddle as well) unloads one gnarly riff after another. Jamie Nova, meanwhile, howls about the kind of positive things teens into cigarettes and skipping class need to hear, like taking control, not taking sh*t, and standing up for your rights...”

Justin F. Farrar - Seattle Weekly

“Witchburn immediately make me think of the similarly named Burning Witch. Both bands hail from the Northwest and trace their roots back to Black Sabbath. Yet Burning Witch took Sabbath's dirges to new extremes, threatening to drag their bpm down to single digits and deliberately discarding their forefathers' knack for melody. Witchburn play closer to the template, beefing up their blues and ruthlessly beating their instruments. Frontwoman Jamie Nova (also of all-female AC/DC tribute act Hell's Belles) adds a soulful energy that is generally absent in this scene. In addition, the occasional flourishes of electric violin endow Witchburn with a somber grace. As with Burning Witch, Witchburn's attraction lies in their metal roots, but their strongest assets are found in their deviations from the formula.”

Brian Cook - The Stranger

“The first act, Witchburn, reminded me of one thing: There are not enough women in metal. With vocals, lead guitar, and bass all provided by exceptionally talented (and yes, exceptionally sexy) women, Witchburn are a band Seattle should be seeing more of.”