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“My country/rocker heart smiled listening to When You Come Around, nice swampy feel and my starry eyed singer/songwriter side enjoyed being led around by A Million Reasons.”

Marty Dolciamore - ReverbNation Artist

“Susan- loved your songs- what a song crafter- I got taken to school- and enjoyed the class!!”

James Christian Andersen - ReverbNation Songwriter/Artist

““CONGRATS! MaryJustice! You received a daily average of 318 views on @highlight talent last week for all the features we ran on you. Well done. I did get a private message comment from Lee Ann Womack on you. She said you do an excellent job and she enjoys hearing your music. Be sure and tell all your friends to LIKE @Highlight talent. Thanks.””

Laddie Jennings - Highlight Talent

"MaryJustice you have a very dainty, lovely air about your voice that's really nice, very unusual very unique, but after listening to 8.4 million singers like I have, that's a hard thing to come by." Excerpt from interview with MaryJustice Lucas

Val Garay, Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer - Val Garay, Interview Artists In The Plus

“Songwriters for Survivors in conjunction with Wishmaker Productions sponsored a tornado relief concert in support of Hackleburg, Alabama school students...Thanks to Susan Belk for getting all this talent and holding it together like Super Glue!”

“Susan Belk is a force to be reckoned with!”