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“Holy Crap!!! This is not what I was expecting at all. Manifesto Of New Standards is the latest release from the Spanish metal act WIS(H)KEY and let me tell you it is freaking dope! This down tuned gem has all the necessary elements of a killer metal record; it is heavy, raw, and visceral with riffs that kick you in the teeth and vocals that are both powerful and abrasive. This release is by no means a one dimensional kick in the balls type of album either. These songs rage and even the slowed down ballady tunes (see "Life Grows Wild (On Your Resting Place)") are more than enjoyable and showcase the band's ability to write powerful, memorable songs even at slower tempos.”

"Wis(h)key is a hard-rockin', whiskey swillin' group of dudes from Barcelona, Spain. The band's notorious sound will leave a boot print on your forehead and then drag you down an emblazened gravel road of harsh southern fried groove metal. From front porch easy rocker "Train to Pardon" to a hellbound date with the devil on "Diablo" the band shows their uncanny diversity. The sweet and sultry groove comes alive on the glorious and melodic "My Beautiful Fugitive". This album is chock full of hardened gems that reward and fulfill your need for a good southern ass-whoopin'. Throw your fist in the air as you chug along to the band's latest kick-ass single for "Words in Whiskey"."

“WIS(H)KEY is a hard-rocking, balls-to-the-wall, kick-ass Sludge/Stoner Metal band influenced by the legendary NOLA scene. They seriously are a great Sludge/Stoner Metal Band in their own right with plenty of attitude to match. They have just released their superb 2012 S/T debut album. A hard-rocking Sludge/Stoner Metal ride full of more riffs you can shake a beer can or bong at. This album is like a greatest hits collection of your fave NOLA based bands. But still has a strong sense of their own identity. The album is superbly produced and deserves to be played on the loudest set of speakers as you can possibly get. All in all this is a fucking brilliant album full of amazing riffs and great vocals to match.”

“The group really hits hard with songs like “Reclaim Your Voice” and “Train To Pardon”. It’s inspiring, powerful stuff. And, despite the contrast in the genres, it feels genuine, as though these guys had a message to share and this is just how it came out. What I mean is, it feels natural and, because of that, the messages hit me deeper.”

“Donde puedo conseguir el single? la banda esta genial! saludos desde argentina!”

Bruno Martinez Diaz - Facebook Fan

“Gracias por el add, temazos!!!!!!!”

Khayman - MySpace Author

“WIS(H)KEY & WEED FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Big Mario - MySpace Author

“keeeeeeep on rockin'!!!”

The Lost Harvest - Reverbnation Author

“Hi, great sound woooow adrenaline exceptional music, good job”

Robi s.O - Reverbnation Author

“These guys rock! hope you take over the world .Fuck yeah!”

Heaven Underground - Reverbnation Author