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"Really digg your soundz ! Wicked stuff! OMG!! Your tunes are awesome!!! "People Of Our Planet" love it!!!"

KEYS - Number One Music

"Love your music and plz more songs like from afar."

Jamen Jipesy - Number One Music

"yo you guys since i started listening to you guys i have loved EVERY song and it's been such a dream to see you live!!! I like From Afar so much!"

Emmie Akerlund - Number One Music

"Hi, in a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future. You have crated an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold..."

Stephanie - Number One Music

"hey guys!!! great songs and good energy you have!!"

Peter - Number One Music

“Just got it (Surviving The Storm) now bro!!! sounding damn good if you ask me!!!!!”

Beau Neiheiser - Facebook

“These guys are my favorite.... and they put on an awesome live show! ”

KNEVUIS - iTunes

“Just finished listening to my new Winter Will Follow CD, and it is badass! If any of you out there like good metal, you should buy their CD its only 5 bucks plus shipping, and its totally worth it!! Go buy it at http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZWW1ZN....NOW!!”

Mike Burton - Review

“I have been following this group for a long time and they just keep getting better and better. Can't wait to see what comes next!! ”

Melmo - iTunes

“I LOVE THIS EP! great vocals and awesome music. cant wait to see more from these guys!!!!! ”

Jeremy Evans - iTunes

"It's fucking heavy!!!"

Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo - Facebook

““I remember seeing these guys at the Farm almost 3 years ago and they were pure energy unleashed. Their live show is nothing short of atomic,” recalls Ed Fassio, founder of Itchy Metal Entertainment. “And right in the middle of all that mayhem, you’ve got five guys dedicated to their craft and smart about their business. That mix instantly appealed to me.” ”

“Sinning is in Season! Winter Will Follow is a hardcore/experimental band with intense metal riffs from Las Vegas, Nevada. These guys rock everybody’s faces off with their amazing live shows and in your face vocal screams. WWF which ironically has the same acronym as the world wrestling federation, they are definitely surpassing the “hardcore reality” of that sport. Check out one of Sin City’s best upcoming hardcore bands: www.myspace.com/winterwillfollow (Radical Management Pasadena, Ca February 23 2009)”

(Radical Management Pasadena, Ca February 23 2009) - (Radical Management Pasadena, Ca February 23 2009)

"you fuckin rock!"

Facebook Fan

"It's the heat of the summer now but there's hope because Winter Will Follow! The local hardcore metal band will be on hand to heat up the crowd at the Cheyenne Saloon"

Las Vegas Weekly