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Winter Storm / Press

“It’s been a long road to Bloodstock for Winter Storm, and as soon as they hit the opening notes of the set you know they’ve earned their place. For the uninitiated, Winter Storm play an accessible form of progressive metal with a subtle nod to their more symphonic counterparts. It’s safe, but it’s tight – very tight – and as inviting as a cold drink in the blistering afternoon sunshine. Hannah Fieldhouse continues to prove herself a tour de force as a vocalist and lead guitar shredder-in-chief. The set is well-paced and confident, no doubt earning new supporters as well as enthralling their current fan base. They conclude by introducing vocal stand-by Bexie James, who has learned the whole set amid fears that Hannah’s throat problems would prevent her from singing. Those particular fears have already been proven unfounded at this point, but Bexie lends her lungs to the climatic ‘Firedancer’, and delivers a performance which is note-perfect and full of energy. [BC]”

“It’s not an everyday experience to receive a CD for review that grabs you by the throat from the first sounds (and holds it!). The second offering by this English Midlands quintet shows a very mature band that has everything right: performance, songs, production, voices and instruments. This female fronted band has a great singer who listens to the name of Hannah and the rest of the line-up is a classic setting: guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Their symphonic arrangements with a dark metal touch sound warm en organic with every instrument and voice at the right place in the mix. The twelve songs make a beautiful whole that is a pleasure to listen to. This band should have a great future. Wonder how they sound live. They should apply for the 2014 edition of the Metal Female Metal Fest in Belgium!”

“Immediately a nice sample of what card Winter Storm can offer us. Fans of Symphonic Metal and ' female fronted metal' have this album and the band decided to give a chance . Would this band a chance at the next MFVF in Wieze ?”

“From the song " Dark Awakening " you can make you own picture , because I linked it here as a video. In the 7 minutes long , and thus the longest piece on the album , " Waves of Misery" will once abated purely instrumental , and " The Frozen Siren " includes , this album unfortunately since. Conclusion: What can I say, except that I was ripped off the stool ! Frontwoman Hannah is the only way I know frontwoman who does not sing in the soprano , but in the old voice plus much variation assets ( times operatic , sometimes rocking ) brings , but excited even by another special attention : You should one of the be few female lead guitarist on Metal heaven. Hats off ! Play lead guitar plus lie such a demanding vocal performance , really deserves respect ! But the overall concept , lying this band here is just top class! Full 10 out of 10!”

“So begins Track No. 5 , for example, with a clean guitar and is generally a slightly slower number with emotional melody runs. But they can sit still probably not : In the guitar solo they will recover faster , so as not to bring about the impression that you orient yourself to classic rock ballads ;) The Interlude "Broken World" in the middle of the album puts us with the sound of a plucked string instrument and cheerful strings in a simultaneously cozy and menacing wintry mood and then a also a little less moody but very epic song , " Universal Design" replaced . Also extremely epic and very dark , the next track , " gatekeeper " is introduced , which up to half moody WS1und remains brutal , and then rock out in between times correct and then fall back into gloom. Very good mix with skillful use of a mystical keyboard interludes !”

“Then it's straight to the point . In "Wasted Feelings" a foretaste of which will give us the same offer , which actually runs through the whole disc : Sophisticated arrangements with a skilful blend of tasteful melodies and shaking his head inviting Geknüppel , numerous changes in rhythm with masterful percussion breaks, targeted use of keyboard pads , mature guitar solos and a very powerful , self-confident classical alto voice , which is also in rock layers move to know! Wow! What a start ! The third song , "Symmetric Flow" is not quite as brutal as the two songs before and thus satisfies a further important point for a good review of an album : variety. And the band manages definitely ! Although often similar structures are used in the song structure , composition, each time is different. No one song sounds like the other .”

“Winter Storm are a British symphonic metal band that was founded in 2008 and has already worked with the likes of Alestorm , Sirenia , Theatres Des Vampires , To Mera and Sarah Jezebel Deva. The quintet is now the third studio album at the start, which on 2 December was released in 2013. What has to offer , the new plant is to be reviewed in the following. Winter Storm ( not to be confused with Winter Storm ! ) Are one of those bands that one wonders at first listen , why the hell you've never heard of them ! We currently live in an era in which a genre is quite popular, which is dismissed in some circles scene already derisively as " Trällerelsen - Metal" . This refers to bands with an operatic to pop singing frontwoman , in which only a few emerge in fact through genuine autonomy - and Winter Storm is definitely one of them ! 12 Tracks fill 55 minutes playing time and be initiated by atmospheric instrumental intro " Cold Creation" .”

“WINTER STORM definitely has a knack for sophisticated pieces , and if already so quickly absorbs the debut ride , you can put your hand in the fire , that this storm is not a gentle breeze . It is this quintet future can not go out of the way , if you have a soft spot for well-made Metal. "Within The Frozen Design" can be seen and heard above all, definitely”

“So scores "Within The Frozen Design" for a lead singer by Hannah, who is also responsible for the lead guitars by the way . Time quite powerful , sometimes melancholic hymn - Hannah knows how to bring a lot of expression and charisma in the music of WINTER STORM . This increases the variability of the dark and freezing cold Melodic Metal of the troops , without the front lady would unnecessarily push to the fore. This rich variety is characterized , on the other also instrumental in the individual pieces again : Emotional , melodic and always accompanied with the appropriate emotion, especially score the sophisticated ' Wasted Feelings ', ' Symmetric Flow' , which can be set directly after the first hearing, and the epic ' Universal Design ' and the final ' the Frozen Siren ' . But the other pieces , especially the instrumental , show great Dark Melodic Metal with level , class, and , according to the season , frosty charm.”

“The arrival of Winter Storm on stage was announced by an instrumental overture that led us straight into the deep and foreboding world of ‘Dark Awakening’. Amassed with an assault of unyielding drum beats and the glacial coolness of Hannah Fieldhouse’s vocals, this song is rich in all things metal and shows Winter Storm on their very greatest form.As their set continued, it was a pleasure to see tonight’s audience give full appreciation to the band but with songs that reach such fine calibre as that found in ‘Afraid To Speak’ and ‘Universal Design’ the success of tonight’s album launch had always been a sure fire guarantee.Set list for this evening was: 1.Intro 2.Dark Awakening 3.The Embrace 4.Shadow Weaver 5. Afraid To Speak 6.Wasted Feelings 7.Gatekeeper 8.Universal Design 9.The Frozen Siren, with Firedancer as encore. I don’t think tonight could be called anything less than an all round and complete success. Within The Frozen Design is well worth 110% of your att”

“I will stick out my neck and declare that this is the best album I have reviewed this year and I've had some great ones sent to me. Winter Storm release this excellent record which throws them alongside the top-heavyweights in their field with an icy blast of professional competence. Imagine a female fronted Fear Factory merged with the orchestral gothic atmosphere you get from bands like Cradle Of Filth - this is brilliant. It's massive in sound 'Broken World' and intro 'Cold Creation' for example are the more instrumental pieces and are scores worthy of Lord Of The Rings and Blade Runner with even a touch of Enya thrown in there! Hot spots? Too many but I loved the intensity of 'Dark Awakening', 'Afraid To Speak' and 'Wasted Feelings'. It's shockingly commercial with its terrific haunting melodic vocals and still maintains a hard brutal sound throughout.”

“From start to finish, this is a very well thought out and cleverly constructed album, one that provokes and cajoles a reaction from the listener, littered with subtle but effective keyboard melodies that form a perfect backdrop for the remainder of the musical content to shine through. It is also an album that you’ll need to play a number of times before getting the full effect, as it were, as each time I listened, I got something new from it. In short, an excellent follow up release that will surely enhance and cement the bands reputation. 8/10”

“Winter Storm return with the follow up to 2010’s well received debut album “Serenity In Darkness”. The music definitely falls into the Dark Gothic category but has a wealth of depth and atmosphere to make sure it is capable of rising above many of its competitors. Nor is it all doom and gloom either, “Symmetric Flow”, moves along at a great pace, bordering on Maidenesque riffs in parts, and with a great keyboard backdrop to add to the mood. The vocal style of Hannah is a difficult one to pigeon hole really, she doesn’t have a particularly operatic voice but instead adopts a much more emotional, deep and meaningful approach, which actually comes across really well, as it moves in tandem with the musical style, creating an impressive overall sound. The seven string guitar work courtesy of Wayne is worthy of particular mention as well, technically excellent without turning it into ‘a look how good I am’ exercise, “Afraid To Speak” being a great example of what a gifted”

“A label that understands dark, melodic metal with a gothic appeal and some fantastic ideas needs to check Winter Storm out, and so do you. 9/10”

“Now, Hannah and her band have started to fulfil potential on 'Within The Frozen Design'. While the classical overtones of her strong voice remain, the music of the band has taken a slightly different direction. The rough edges have been honed, the songs are definitely a leap forward. Elements of Devin Townsend's riff style permeate opening song 'Wasted Feelings', while 'Shadow Weaver' has an undeniably gothic undertone, mostly down to Hannah's luxurious vocal prowess. Her voice projects in a lower register to most female-fronted bands, and that's a fantastic edge that Winter Storm has, as that voice and the band's creative use of traditional metal concepts and progression add up to a potent mix indeed. The band chose their name well, as songs like the progressive metal anthem 'Gatekeeper' and eventually the closing track, 'The Frozen Siren', evoke images of cold wastelands and cascading snow. Perfect for this time of year. 9/10”

“Sharp keyboard tones are suddenly overshadowed with electric guitar that resonate to an astounding level of intensity. Beautifully balanced with seductive melodies and erupting with bristling intent to reach its immense conclusion. Fiery and uncompromising – get that volume up now and bask in its glorious rhythms – what a track to end on – it leaves you wanting more without a doubt!”

“Winter Storm offers intrigue by the bucket load, are striking and elevated with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster! Haunting keyboard melodies linger and lick the ears whilst a heavy ambient flavours hit you right between the eyes, and will more than awaken the senses, leaving you refreshed and ready for a repeat dose!”

“Truly a superb, well produced album that you will find, just as I have, that twelve tracks just aren’t enough to stem the flow of blood as it courses round the system and will eventually explode through every pore in your entire body. With their anthemic lures, coupled with vibrant riffs and haunting melodies the addiction has truly taken over. I simply urge you to check this band out NOW!”

“The music is dark and menacing, but also contains plenty of melody. Opening with 'Cold Creation' the band sound like Lacuna Coil jamming with Paradise Lost; it's a powerful mix. And things get better. 'Shadow Weaver' is another great track, but the next two prove to be highlights. 'Symmetric Flow' and 'Afraid To Speak' are both just stunning. The band throw a more metallic edge on the first, and for 'Afraid To Speak' give us a gentle opening before the song builds and builds to a thunderous crescendo. Excellent guitar solo on here too. This is a band who has the ambition and talent to go a long way. All they need is support from people. So head over to their website and grab a copy. 8/10.”

“‘Gatekeeper’ marks the change of tone as we descend into even darker depths. Sadness and despair are the over-riding emotions that begin to creep through as the spiral into madness begins; just the titles of the final three tracks give you a clue – ‘Dark Awakening’, ‘Waves of Misery’ and ‘The Frozen Siren’. ‘Dark Awakening’ has been used as the lead single from the album and, taken out of the context within the overall storyline, as a standalone single it actually has an upbeat feel to it, whilst ‘Waves of Misery’ feels grey and morose, you begin to feel for the character and their hopelessness. At the end, ‘Frozen Siren’ lifts the tempo and mood a little, but you’re left feeling that the story is incomplete and there is more to come.”

“Opening track proper ‘Wasted Feelings’ takes full advantage of Hannah’s vocals. Heavy riffs, pulsating bass, and haunting keyboards that provide the foundations for Winter Storm’s dark, brooding style of symphonic metal, with Hannah’s haunting vocals overlaying it all, something which didn’t come across as well in the first album, here the mix is much better. As the album progresses through the entity’s story, we get an uplift in emotions during the middle part of the album, beginning with the excellent ‘Symmetric Flow’ through the interlude of ‘Broken World’ (which would have been a much better intro) to the cataclysmic ‘Universal Design’ where you get the best from all the elements of this band; the best track on the album for me.”

“An aspect of this album that really shines through is the attention given to composition. ‘Waves of Misery’ shows that Winter Storm can produce extended instrumentals that remain engaging and the album in general is made up of music that is both powerful and intensely evocative. Reaching along the same lines as Black Sun Aeon, this album has a nicely gothic tinge to its sound which summons images of midwinter’s freezing cold.”

“British symphonic metal band Winter Storm have left quite an impression on me – their mature sound, great solos and pro-wrestler keyboardist make them an attractive prospect. Winter Storm’s approach towards symphonic metal is a long way away from the average keyboard-led fare, sharing more in common with Wintersun than Nightwish. Focusing on mid-paced songs that are powered along by bassy seven string guitar, this album is based around a dark and heavy melodeath inspired heart with velvet-like synth and vocals draped over it. The band do a good job of living up to the promise of this model – Hannah is an impressive vocalist who might not quite have the same range as Tarja Turunen but does show more than a little of the ex-Nightwish icon’s stately and beautifully controlled tone in her voice. The guitars can be pretty impressive too, with the solo towards the end of Symmetric Flow.”

“The album sets it's bench mark with the opening trio of 'Cold Creation', 'Wasted Feelings' and 'Shadow Weaver' - a great start!! 'Symmetric Flow' and 'Afraid To Speak' have perhaps a little more commercial appeal in their make up, with great melodic guitar solos to boot, and these are becoming my fave tracks on the album. 'Beneath The Mystery' returns to a more darker theme, while 'Broken World' is an instrumental that breaks the proceedings up rather nicely. 'Universal Design' regains the momentum with other highlights to my ears being the Gothy and melodic 'Gatekeeper' and the closer 'The Frozen Siren'. This is another very good effort from a band that is on the rise, offering up catchy and melodic songs with a Gothy and Symphonic undercurrent, and is another release that is well worth checking out... 9/10!”

“..Forging guitar work and a solid, steady flow that packs more power and melody than before. “Symmetric Flow” and “Afraid to Speak” take on a more comfortable feel, adding more of a haunting but softer style t the album whilst “Beneath the Mystery” once more sees Winter Storm return to their more accustomed style of deep powerful melodies! The instrumental interlude of “Broken World” rises and undulates to a crescendo before once more dying down and making way for the stormy opening of “Universal Design”, a song which then hits out strongly into a fast and flowing track, similar in its anthemic nature to that of “Shadow Weaver”! It has to be said that there is a marked improvement between this album and the bands debut, in everything from production to creativity and musicianship. Finishing with “The Frozen Siren”, Winter Storm put to bed a very well executed second album, one that highlights a band most definitely on the rise.”

“Gothic metal band Winter Storm have returned with their second album “Within the Frozen Design”, an album sporting some seriously eye catching artwork! The atmospheric opening of “Cold Creation” swiftly builds up a decent amount of tension and even a little feeling of dark, cold foreboding before the band unleash “Wasted Feelings” with its sound mired in an old school heavy metal base, then added too by a vast symphonic element before the powerful vocals and trigger happy machine gun style double kick drumming takes the reigns and steers the bands new album forward on a wave of unbridled power and melodic harmony! More low key interludes are woven into the album here and there for variety but the surging flow that Winter Storm create through confident guitar play and and the excellent symphonic undertones and harmonies previously mentioned generally rules the roost! “Shadow Weaver” marks the albums first true anthem… lyrics that brand themselves into your memory.”

“Energetic and impressively heavy goth-tinged metal from the West Midlands. The riffs pummel with an impressive rhythmic power, and don’t soften up just to accommodate the clean vocals. The keyboards play a prominent, but not overbearing, role in the music – well-written and well-balanced for the most, but it’s the sublime vocals and strafing lead guitar of band centrepiece Hannah Fieldhouse that really make the band stand out.”

“ At times Winter Storm keep their sound to a fairly basic minimum, not wanting to over crowd their sound with needless clutter, at other times they adapt their sound to incorporated soaring melodies and a crescendo of vibrant atmospheres. It’s this dexterity and variation that makes “Serenity in Darkness” so pleasant to listen too, that and the dulcet tones of vocalist Hannah Fieldhouse! What I like about this style of Gothic Metal is that whilst I do love keyboards , I generally prefer it in say Progressive Rock as with Gothic Metal I feel it often tends to overwhelm the rest of the music. Whilst Winter Storm do use keyboards to some extent they have not let them rule the roost and use the guitar work and the vocals to create as much of the haunting atmosphere as the keyboards do. Winter Storm then have found the right mix in everything that they create and as a result “Serenity in Darkness” really is a must experience album! [7/10 - LUKE HAYHURST]”

“All in all I think that Winter Storm have got their musical formula down perfectly, from the brooding, soaring, classical and melodic vocals, the twin guitar set up that compliments each other, the very powerful and tight bass and drums and the addition of the keyboards to provide the eeriness and Gothic atmosphere. They combine the sounds of so many genres into their music from Classical, Gothic metal, Doom metal, Symphonic metal and Power metal to create their unique sound. You can see why this band has supported so many famous names in this genre of the music industry. This CD is a must for any fans of this genre to add to their collection.”

“We’re shortly greeted with some dark melodic metal with operatic-styled vocals that, given the genre, would be impossible to not draw comparisons to the likes of Nightwish. Frontwoman Hannah undoubtedly handles her lead duties on guitar well, showing plenty of talent. As the rest of the guys stay quite planted concentrating on rocking out in their designated space on tonight’s small stage, the energy in the most part is brought by ‘Doomsday’ on one of his crazy missions away from the keys… That is of course when he’s not randomly lying on the floor. It’s not an easy genre to execute on a small scale but Winter Storm have potential and may benefit from following fellow Brummies Hanging Doll over into Europe where the genre boasts more popularity. ”

“There is some really nice use of dynamics on offer here that you don’t often get in symphonic metal. Winter Storm have some finely crafted arrangements that skilfully avoid the usual chick metal trap of trying for ‘all epic – all the time’ and crucially know when to bring in keyboards and texture and when to let things get a bit more minimal. The album is shot through with doomy hints of melancholia – the intro of ‘Inner Demon’ for example, is straight out of the Opeth Book of Songwriting, with reflective clean arpeggios underpinned by synths – and it provides the furious bridge and coda with the space they need to pick the song up when they arrive. Hannah is also a very capable vocalist, effortlessly switching between an epic belt and gloomy introspection as and when the songs require. She also has some very interesting melodies on offer, use of minor scales and carefully chosen harmonies adding an eastern flavour to some parts, most notably in ‘Firedancer’ and ‘”

“genuinely surprised me, much darker and heavier than they've been in the past. Chatting to vocalist/lead guitarist Hannah shortly after their set she informed me that this was the sound for the band that she'd originally envisaged. Clearly they are revelling in this new direction. This was unquestionably the tightest I've seen them play. The vast majority of the set was from their début album and combined power and groove in equal measure.”

“Winter Storm, from the West Midlands with their dark melodic goth-metal are another interesting concept. Having previously supported the likes of Delain, Die So Fluid, Sirenia and Theatre des Vampires amongst others, they also opened their account with ‘Intro’. Hannah’s dulcet tones combined so well with haunting guitars and ambient, atmospheric soundscapes to give them a more gothic feel, and yet at times, they exploited the full force of their metal influences. An intriguing five piece that includes a rhythm section and an acrobatic masked keyboard player who, at one point, doubled as a one-man mosh pit, diving off the stage landing face down on the floor, then swiftly recovering with something loosely resembling a penguin on spee, before returning to his rightful position in the corner.”

“Here's a band that have got their sound and image sorted. Winter Storm have the air of a band who know exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it; their sound is defined by the vocals and guitars of frontwoman Hannah, whose classically influenced voice and slightly punky guitars add a different direction to the gothic metal blueprint. Masked keyboardist/professional wrestler adds some epic scale to the proceedings. Winter Storm are refreshingly different to the recent slew of bands in this particular genre, in that they inject a few progressive ideas into tracks such as rousing opener ''Firedancer'' and the equally marvellous ''Embrace''. While the band and their material are of high quality, songs such as ''Inner Demon'' and ''Prison Cell'' show us a band that has a very bright future with their particular brand of darkness. 8/10.”

“A very good album which demonstrated exceptional technique, and gives the listener a lot to listen to. The same techniques and highlighting tricks on the album are rarely used twice to draw attention to something and the album is a definite must-buy for fans of Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Dream Theatre, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Cloudscape and Pyramaze. This band, despite their tender age, are very one of the most consistent bands in the land and every time I have heard them over the last several years, I have seen a growth in their ability and in their display. As a music fan, I have to salute this piece of work and give it a 9/10 – well delivered, good production quality, and a highly entertaining piece of art. Go buy it!”

“A 10-song, 50-minute slab of female fronted, melodic Gothic Metal, with some symphonic metal influences added to the mix as well. "Serenity in Darkness" begins with the bombastic "Firedancer". From here on in, "Serenity in Darkness" showcases the bands dark metal leanings, with some seriously heavy riffs and good bits of melody. After a brief intro, "The Embrace" kicks in, with its dense guitar riff and frenetic pace, this immediately became a favorite. The band has received some positive reviews for their live shows and I must say that "Serenity in Darkness" has a raw, live sounding vibe to it. "Sinner’s Saint" begins with a peaceful guitar intro before settling into a nice mid-tempo groove. Some more highlights: "Internal Storm", "Inner Demon" and the closing trio of "Dark Wings", "Drowned in Tears" and "Retribution".Winter Storm is a band that lets the music do the talking and on "Serenity in Darkness", it is all about the music. Rating – 73/100”

“For me the standout part of this band is Hannah Fieldhouse as her talent is undeniable. Whilst she sings more gothic than I tend to go for, on a few songs her voice hit me and I felt I wish she would sing in this vein more often - sometimes the heaviness of the material drowned her out, which didn’t help. Also Hannah plays LEAD guitar, yes you read that right, as well as singer she is lead guitarist and to be honest the guitar playing that piqued me interested emanated from her guitar. Given Hannah’s vital role in the band quite understandably means her performances are quite sedate but the other band members make up for this, most notably their masked wrestler and possibly mentally unstable, keyboard player, who threw himself full into not only his own performance but that of the band. Winterstorm also brought along a good number of fans and they made their voices heard and threw their hair around fast and high!”

“On the whole ‘Serenity in Darkness’ serves to clarify what Winter Storm are attempting to accomplish musically which is perhaps best described themselves as dark melodic metal. Hannah Fieldhouse’s ethereal vocals are outstanding on such tracks as ‘The Embrace’ and ‘Sinners Saint’ yet they prove to be strong enough at the forefront of one of the heavier songs on the album in the shape of ‘Prison Cell’. Despite experiencing certain line-up difficulties Winter Storm manage to overcome this and produce an album of a high standard. The guitars of both Hannah and Wayne as well as the bass work of Daniel meshing well both with each other and Jason’s keyboard and synth work which perhaps features most prominently at the beginning of ‘Firedancer’. On the whole a most promising debut offering, can’t wait to finally see them live soon.”

““Firedancer”, epitomises everything that Winter Storm are about, powerful riffs, melodic harmonies and haunting vocals. This Middle Eastern inspired track sets the tone for the rest of the album and is quickly followed track after track of beautifully crafted songs that make the most of Hannah’s ethereal vocals which are cleverly balanced by the heavy licks and breakdowns of hers and Wayne’s guitars. Depth is added to the tracks with Jason on keyboards and excellent bass from Dan, which creates an overall sound described as darkly melodic, but with a powerful metal edge to it. Tracks like “Inner Demon” and “Internal Storm” will appeal to the gothic metal genre, whilst the fans who like a good head bang are catered for with tracks like “Prison Cell” and my favourite track “Retribution” All in all, whether you’re into gothic, power, industrial or prog, there are elements of all these to be found in Winter Storms music.”

“IWinter Storm have dubbed themselves as a "Dark Melodic Metal band" and that's exactly what they provide the listener, all the dark connotations of old school Goth and Doom, fused with a modern melodic metal edge. Delivering, heavy yet atmospheric songs all wrapped up in a female fronted package, it would be easy to lump Winter Storm in with the growing number of female fronted bands that have arisen from Europe in the last decade, but to do so would be a disservice, as you would be neglecting all the unique qualities that have led to this Dudley band kicking up quite a storm of interest. What Winter Storm present on Serenity in Darkness are well crafted and executed songs. Tracks like The Embrace and Internal Storm, which have been constant fan favourites on the live circuit translate well on the record and are definitely the highlights of the album. All in all, a solid start from Winter Storm and a release that shows a lot of potential for album number two. Album rating: 7/10”

“Having seen this band live more than once, I was rather curious as to what they sound like on cd. This is another band that seriously could and should challenge the bigger bands on mainland Europe. The music falls into the Dark Melodic Metal Category, with Hannah's vocals being clear and at times near operatic, without overdoing it, and overall musicianship from the band is damn cool. Although lyrically dark, the music itself is quite upbeat, while maintaining an element of heaviness and darkness, with one of my faves being the catchy 'The Embrace', this song in-fact stays in your head for ages! 'Internal Storm' thunders along, while 'Inner Demon' starts slow and atmospheric, before the chorus thunders out of the speakers and hits you between the eyes. Other good tracks include the heavy 'Dark Wings', while I feel that Winter Storm would be the right type of act to be supporting Draconian. This release is good with awesome musicianship throughout from all concerned! 8.75/10”

“’As the opening act, it’s a difficult crowd to break, but Winter Storm provides a set of compelling songs to start of the night. Led by striking front woman Hannah, who’s haunting vocals compliment the raw and often grungy sounding arrangements. It takes a while for the energy of the performance to rise, but throughout the set the skilful musicianship keeps the band fresh, in particular the perfectly tight drums and some impressive guitar solos from Hannah. Unforgettably the added showmanship of the gimp-masked keyboardist, setting fire to objects, kept the set entertaining’’. ”

“Local band Winter Storm kick off the evening, these guys are perhaps more gothic than a lot of their counterparts and less symphonic sounding, I hear quite a bit of Sisters of Mercy in their music. They are quite unique in one respect compared to their contemporaries, no I’m not referring to the masked wrestler Jason Oakley on keyboards! I’m in fact referring to singer Hannah not only also plays guitar she plays lead guitar! I was quite intrigued by the band. Their stand out song for me was their last song “The Embrace”, which has a killer upfront keyboard riff - Very Sisters of Mercy, Hannah’s vocals came across best on this too and is probably the most commercial sounding song in their short set. I’m not sure if they have enough songs in their current set to stand out in the goth metal genre, but I’m gonna leave my judgement of the band to the crowd reaction which was exceedingly positive!”

“So tonight at JBs is an evening of all female fronted metal, not something you see every day. First up are local band Winter Storm (7), who hit the stage with their very English style of Doom tinged Gothic Metal. They might be the first band on tonight, but there’s still a strong crowd showing, proving yet again how strong the local metal scene is in the Midlands and how willing people are to come out and support local music. Winter Storm play a cracking, if all be it short, set tonight and it’s easy to see that this is definitely a band with potential. Indeed, my only criticism of this hard working doom crew, is that I feel they would be better served by bringing in an additional guitarist to free up current guitarist/lead singer Hannah Fieldhouse to focus on her stage presence as front woman. In all, a good little set that left me looking forward to the forthcoming release of Winter Storm’s debut album.”

“‘After going wild for Winter Storm, who set a brilliant atmosphere with their dark, emotional sound’”

“The last band of the night was West-Midlands based four-piece Winter Storm. Sitting on the progressive side of Metal, they have a classic influenced sound yet brought up to date with an interesting, contemporary spin”

“Hannah’s powerful yet melodic vocal works perfectly with their atmospheric sound – it’s dark yet aching with emotion and really works for them proving a strong finish to an excellent evening of unsigned music.”

“First up was Winter Storm, a local 5-piece band who give us our first taste today of Gothic Metal. But Winter Storm are not what you would expect and they mix it up with some great Prog Rock-style instrumentals and vocalist Hannah shows off her powerful and wide vocal range, a great start! ”