Winstrong / Press

"Winstrong's desirable fusion of hip-hop and reggae is both exotic and familiar. He's combining something distinctly American with a form of music that is purely Jamaican, but you can still trace the roots back to an African heritage, just like jazz, blues and rock & roll. Ghetto Hymns isn't punk or pop. Winstrong's latest single from the album, "Fi Mi Nation," is about the real world we live in and the particular strength a soul has to have to make it through the journey called life. Deep stuff to meditate upon, but Winstrong's reggae influence comes from a distinct cultural heritage of strength and religion, struggle and devotion, so it's no mystery that his music has such a message. Like Jamaican dancehall and rocksteady hits, "Fi Mi Nation" will make you boogie, but when you listen to the lyrics there's a lot of soul there, and it's the kind of inspiration everyone in the country needs right now."