Winstons Big Brother / Press

“suffocating live SLIDES INTO MY VEINS and spreads its claws deep, holding me with unrelenting insistence and a funk groove plowed clean, deep and dangerously direct.”

“With its exquisite tinkering riffs, bass and steady beats, “She Won’t be Lonely” conveys a composed melancholy which calmly streams across the essence of the song. Steeped in emotion, “She Won’t be lonely” is one of those songs which effortlessly engages you with the sentiments of the song. Through the rich and youthful vocals of Mason, “She Won’t be Lonely”, encapsulates the raw emotion with quiet composure. Through the swaying backing vocals of “oooooo”, “She Won’t be Lonely” mopes in the recesses of the song, whilst the bluesy and then rockier interludes catapults a new-found confidence towards the finale of the song.”

“Winstons Big Brother” are a rock, folk, blues infused band from Birmingham, whose spacious and throbbing soundscape burns with a low-key intensity which seeps slyly through the slamming beats and resonating riffs. Along with the wistful and political infused lyrics, “Winstons Big Brother” emit a free and easy music style, which is amplified through their upbeat and impressive live performances. With Gary Mason on vocals/rhythm guitar, Alex Lowe on lead guitar/backing vocals and Jack Rosa on percussions/backing vocals, “Winstons Big Brother” are your modest, down to earth band, who rely on a passion for music and good old fashioned talent when perfecting their craft.”

“even as basic recordings, these songs are emerging as killer tracks, every single one..fantastic lyric and big melodic chorus for "the truth", and "society" roars along with a huge, ferocious riff..can't wait to hear these produced in full electric supernovatastic glory!”

“Modern day Beatles!”

“WBB has recently formed from a solo acoustic act fronted by Gary Mason. After gigging around Birmingham as solo acoustic, WBB has made a massive footprint and has built a great following of fans! Performing at the O2 academy in Birmingham and headlined many venues around the city! This is a band you do not want to miss!”