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"...Get Nice opens up in a very interesting way, with a simple “pretty” melody that descends into late 90s/ early 2000s pop-punk...."

"Get Nice" is full length album released in 2012 by W!NSLOW, Montreal melodic punk.Every song is very simple, but you can't stop listening to this album because every song is full of passion. If you love fast and pop song, you definitely should check this album. When I finished listening to this album, I thought "I'd like to see their show in a hot and crowded room!"

““If you're a fan of pop-punk (think Blink 182), you'll likely find something to enjoy about this album from W!NSLOW. For me, it's the guitar work and the songs “Fall” and “The Cat's Meow"....” -Vincent Jones (Music Journalist) http://musiccitystudio.ca/”

"...W!nslow : "Get Nice"...After getting some ice for my post-headbanging neck, I put on a third album. This one's called W!nslow and in the vein of Lowcard their CD was a burned copy accompanied by a computer print-out of their songlist. This band didn't help my ailing neck much, as in they rocked like The Mayans had had their way with the earth. These guys are some fun-times punkrock a la NOFX (minus the annoying vocals), Lagwagon, Pennywise...you probably get the picture. Good pre-sesh music for sure. Song title keywords include: taste, lion, cheese, bean, kite, cat, horse...is it me or do these guys have the munchies?..." http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lowcard-Mag/39076389978

“Canadian melodic-punk rockers W!nslow are set to cause a scene on tour this summer with the release their second full-length album Get Nice. After listening to some of their un-mastered tracks, it's safe to say that once the album is completed it'll be a treat for fans of varying levels of punk - whether you prefer the more hardcore or perhaps more pop based tunes. The growly vocals and energetic rhythm of the band makes this record set to be a great summer soundtrack, with notes of noughties ska influence (without the brass!), and pop-punk energy with powerful vocals to take the edge away from being a typically light hearted 'poppy' punk band. The melodic, tuneful guitar riffs are tastefully clashed with blasts of upbeat, catchy lyrics and will appeal greatly to fans of The Wonder Years, The Damned Things, and Rise Against. ”

“why drink a Red Bull when you can just listen to W!NSLOW? “A Flick” opens up this set with a surprising twist from campfire acoustics to mosh pit riffs. “Good From Far, Far From Good” caught my ear with a funky bass riff to open the song, which is often overlooked in today’s music. This song introduces W!NSLOW’s dual vocals, featuring a deeper and more gravely voice, paired with a higher pitched, more aggressive voice. This creates another layer to their music, which really sets them apart from other bands. The third song, “Go See About,” is definitely the catchiest song off the EP.The final tune, “The Cat’s,” keeps the energy of the previous track, while changing up tones for a more melodic touch. The chorus is full of hooks that will obviously leave the song stuck in your head. Do yourself a favor and give W!NSLOW a shot, you won’t regret it!... ”

“...the gritty, harried chorus in "Wreckless Disregard" sounds pretty promising and well done in a Flatliners-style sense..... sounds like A Wilhelm Scream meets Lifetime....There's an admirable scrappiness to this album....- -Punknews.org”

Brian Shultz - Punknews.org

“Après un premier album «No Place for Foxes», quelques poutines et plusieurs spectacles au Canada avec d'excellents groupes comme The Brains, Living With Lions, Transit, Nothington, Off With Their Heads, Trigger Effect et plusieurs autres. W!nslow nous revient chargé à bloc et nous délivre un album qui cherchera à vous surprendre du début jusqu'à la fin. Quand on mélange une forte énergie musicale, la complexité mélodique et le talent brut des musiciens dans un album, le résultat n'en deviendra pas moins qu'un futur album classique de la scène canadienne. Le trio montréalais Winslow, à qui l'on doit ce nouvel album «Get Nice», transpire l'excellence sur tous les aspects que vous pouvez imaginer. On sent favorablement la petite touche magique du mixage de Rene Garcia (The Brains, Vulgar Deli) auquel nous avons été habitués sur leur premier disque «No Place for Foxes». Il a su garder cette même efficacité importante. On ressent aussi plusieurs influences musica”

“If a person were to put Alkaline Trio, Four Year Strong and Fake Problems in a blender. This is the delightfully tasty aftermath of that kind of chaos. The best part of the album is you can be a fan of Hardcore, Pop Punk and everything in between and still enjoy the hell out of the record. -Wayne Pacific Ridge records”

Wayne - Pacific Ridge records

“Montreal, Québec is home to W!NSLOW, a three-piece pop punk band that seems ready to take the world by storm. After touring across Canada two times with bands such as The Wonder Years and The Sainte Catherines, the trio set out to release their second full-length album, Get Nice. Recently, they’ve finished their third tour across the country to promote the new record. Clocking in at exactly 34 minutes, the 13-track LP is chock-full of the expected pop punk riffs and bridges. The vocals are a mixture of singing, talking and yelling which you can hear clearly on tracks like “Go See A Guy About A Horse” and “The Cat’s Meow”. It makes for a unique vocal track at the least, but it is overpowered by the strong guitar work. Something I particularly like is that some of the drum tracks are heavy, not necessarily in style, but as if the drummer has a lead weight in his hand. Better yet, I particularly like desserts, so let’s break the songs down like a trifle cake: the bottom l”