Winslow / Press

“Today we bring you the exclusive premiere of a new music video by Cleveland-based soul/rock band Winslow.”

“Winslow has put together a disc for the ages: Left of the Right Direction will hit many “best of” lists for 2013 and it positions this talented group for a level of attention and notoriety that has been years in the making. Highly Recommended.”

“Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to find truly inspired music. I’m talking about music that was manufactured and poured from the heart and soul. Well-crafted music is becoming a rarity these days, however Winslow begs to differ. This 6-piece group from Cleveland delivers music that was crafted from the heart, developed by the mind, and inspired by the soul.”

“Winslow has really brought a fantastic sophomore album to the table with Left of the Right Direction. With an unbeatable sense of style, the six-piece band manages to move in several musical directions showing that they are not going to be held back by genre labels.”

“Winslow is a brilliant band with all the potential in the world. Their album Left of the Right Direction is a dazzling display of music ability,”