“Beautiful,stunning,.I love yr music.it inspires.Dawn is very moving and heartfelt.TRUE MUSIC FROM THE HEART”

Steve Inglis

“You sing and play whith such emotion and abandon...it is obvious that you write what you feel.you have a deep connection to each songs that cornes through nicely.enjoyed Dawn and the Spirit the most but listened to all of yours songs.Best wishes”


“Charming, engaging, introspective tracks.”

Markke on reverbnation


Tagzee on you tube

“Inspiration comes in so many forms and patterns and I find so much here.Keep the faith and push on for there is freedom in music.Wonderful lyric and melody”

Doug Dickens is on reverbnation and facebook

“Very well done!gorgeous sounds and vibrations”

Still in Limbo on reverbnation

“you definitely got some nice music”

Rico on reverbnation

“So happy I found your music today!”

Bon Evans

“Great work!”

Keyla Reed on reverbnation

“Love your music!”

Mandech on reverbnation

“You make amazing sound art”

Fed up Fridays on reverbnation

“Dandelions,dark n cool”

Bad Robot Solosinger on reverbnation

“Love the row emotion bleeding over the acoustic guitar... 'Dandelions' Nice song ,you create a mood...”

'Burn all the liars' on Reverbnation'

“Dandelions is Emotional and heartfelt”

Pink side of the moon on reverbnation

“Hauting song...”

Stone sonic on reverbnation

“Very nice tune here!”

Aaron Dozer Musician

“Lovely playing_Great guitar sound and Vocal”

Robert Lloyd (Musician)