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“Out of the starting gate is the slow burning Golden Line, with a beautiful banjo and acoustic guitar intro, which has you wondering if the band has gone the route of Bluegrass. But then it gradually builds into high gear with killer guitar wailing, followed by...”

“After one song, it was clear the band belonged on a much larger stage with a much larger crowd. And though the house wasn’t packed, the guys played as if it were.”

“Hard rock flexing its muscles is just one way to describe Winchester Rebels. Their sound comes directly at you, blasting a hole right into your chest. This is solid metal straight to the core that shakes you from head to toe. Layers of ripping guitar riffs, a punching bass that will give you a fat lip, ass kicking pounding drums and destroyer vocals that will annihilate you. Winchester Rebels is loaded with a high caliber of rock that fires true and straight. They have hit the mark and will surely leave one in the music industry.”

“Singer Nick Hunt nominated for best male vocalist 2012 LA music awards.”

“Nominated for best Rock Album 2012 “Three Sheets To The Wind” ”


“The band’s sound is bolstered by the big voice of Nick Hunt. Mr. Hunt has a clean vocal style with an above average range. . When his vocals soar, the songs really jump out at me. His voice is a pure pleasure to listen to. He isn’t the only talented musician... more”

““Down”, song number six has a sound all its own. The guitars and bass all begin quickly, almost clipped sounding; this with the simple, yet strong percussion and somewhat reserved vocals from Hunt make for a very interesting verse structure. At the chorus, everything opens up, blossoming in to what one should expect from WR at this point...more”

““Johnny” is delivered with a slight punk tinge and makes a solid argument for Winchester Rebels as a viable addition to next year’s Warped Tour lineup”

“The band has been favorably compared to such established acts as Stone Temple Pilots, Danzig and even Alice In Chains. They also seem to sometimes echo the sounds of such rockers as Shinedown perhaps due to the hard, heavy guitar work, pounding percussion and even at times Hunt’s vocal stylings. Continue reading on Examiner.com Winchester Rebels”

“Winchester Rebels is drawing inspiration from some of the more recent hard rock greats. On their recently released debut, the band pays proper homage to ‘90s legend like Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Guns ‘N’ Roses, while still maintaining a strong foothold in today’s rock ‘n’ roll arena.”

“If you're a fan of '90s rock music and wish that the new bands could be as good, you NEED this album. It sounds like a blast from the past, but also feels fresh and up to date somehow. This album contains lots of great tracks, no fillers. They have an Alice in Chains vibe. The melodies are awesome. This is obviously a talented bunch of musicians. My faves include Dining with Devils, Desolate, Flying, Down... but as I say, all the tracks are fantastic. I absolutely love this album!”

“Out of the gate with Private Angel, 3 Sheets To the Wind establishes their power footing and never steps back. On Loaded Gun, the band shows their conviction to keep the drive going throughout the recording but with a little change up in pace part way through that adds contrast and texture. Dining With The Devil is rooted in the blues and a little slower in tempo. Silence could be a rock anthem of the future with it's solid base and structure. They finish up with Desolate, an interesting harmonic track that will keep you looking for more. Although this recording is not really closely related to the blues, it is a fine recording never the less and if you like music that is oriented toward that genre, you will probably find this very interesting”

“Winchester Rebels have arrived on the rock scene with the goal of putting themselves on the rock ‘n’ roll map and moving onto the national stage where they rightly belong. As Kid Rock says, “it ain’t bragging if you can back it up” – and this talented rock group, as heard on their new album Three Sheets To The Wind as well as the band’s high-energy live show, can do just that. ”

“I offer to Hunt that he has similarities in his singing style to Cult frontman Ian Astbury and an impressively wide vocal range.........As I return to the record to take another listen later on, I can also hear remnants of Philip Lewis’ ever so proper (L.A. Guns before they became twin bands) Ballad of Jayne, English sex lullaby voice (for those in doubt, yes such a thing does exist!) in a few more songs. ”

“I'm sitting here listening to another great album called “Three Sheets to the Wind". This is now my 4th full listening. Man 'o' man... Let me tell ya... This is one fine hard rock album. ”

“This band is phenomenal. Bravo!!”

"....songs were bellowing from the inside and the sound can only be described where System of a Down met Led Zeppelin."

“Winchester Rebels are Santa Barbara's localize it pick of the week!”


"A very special thank you to the Winchester Rebels for your wonderful performance"