Will Tommy Jones / Press

“My Admiration. Totally Unique Sound. Lovin' it. "Gun To My Head" is Awesome.”

Kevin Kerr - Reverbnation

“If you love Cat Stevens then these guys are for you, but not only that imagine Willie Nelson crossed with Cat Stevens, then add some rock, jazz and throw some country in for good measure then that’s what you get. They call it Hick Rock and ill be honest with you its damn good stuff, but then I am a lover of Cat and Willie. This is so unique yet it captivates your mind and soul at the same time. Vocally Fantastic, Lyrically Superb and the fusion of music is supersonic, mellow and very peaceful. One to check out for sure.”

"Unconditionally".. outstanding story and vocal delivery. Pure magic style.

Chuck Brunicardi/L.A., California - ReverbNation

“Nice tracks, guys. I like Homeplace.-mark”

Liquid Universe - ReverbNation

“gun to my head. solid cut. g”

Thadeus Project - ReverbNation

“Homeplace is awesome! definitely feeling your work!”

Amanda Pollard - ReverbNation

“nice music man. Homeplace... a nice song bro, keep it up!”

LGO - ReverbNation

“Your music has a soul all it's own. It brings the stories of life to your music and makes it feel real.”

Prophet of Old - ReverbNation

“I think you just created a new genre.... Alternative Folk Country... good stuff... unassuming and unthreatening but great storytelling :)”

Marquita Browne - ReverbNation

“Tripping on " Don't Ask Why "!! Great tune !!!”

Russ Strapp - ReverbNation

“Great original songs and very distinctive vocals with tasteful instrumental work. 'Unconditionally' is my particular favourite. Superb!”

Graham Butterfield - ReverbNation

“Wow great music. that really stirs the heart and mixes up the emotions..and truly makes you feel alive.. like a hop, skip and a bounce in your heartbeat... but really does have a heartfelt meaning to all.. about broken emotions..and love walking out that door.. done w/ "don't let them get to you" attitude and style.. someone else is sure to walk in that door, catch your eye and make you smile again.”

Dawn K. - Fandalism

“The music industry tends to eat 'em up and spit 'em out. You are badass beyond comprehension. Just keep doin' what you do and good things will happen. Just listened to some of the tunes you posted. I've always been more of a Ted Nugent kinda guy, but I really dig the sound you put down. HICK-ROCK NEVER FORGETS!”

Troy David Keathley - Facebook

“Brilliant sound and great vocals, overflowing with originality… love the vibe... more power to you”

“You guys are great! Listening to "One More Break in My Heart". I can honestly say that y'all are going to be BIG BIG BIG when the CD drops! Really digging it! It shows you guys have been playing together for years. Your styles compliment each other perfectly! Signed, impressed and inspired as always- Lon”

Lon/THE SPACE SHARKS - ReverbNation

“Amazing style. Very unique! I like GUN TO MY HEAD and UNCONDITIONALLY. Great lyrics.”

“gun to my head... the backing music in this song is of the highest quality! the guitar picking is great and i can't exactly make out the other instrument i think it could be a piano and i love the sound! Could you tell me what it is please? :) i hope you do put your gun away! but keep your guitar and the lyric book out because i really like this song!”

C.F.D Crimson - ReverbNation

“Cool mix of genres between classic rock, country & more quirky, introspective Singer/songwriter! U have a really distinctive voice, & sing with effortless emotion, I hear Hank Williams & Cat Stevens influences, & I love the retro styled blues/rock guitar & solos; reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Hendrix & the summer of love!”

Jamie Connolly - ReverbNation

“I don't think this is ever gonna change: WTJ and GUN TO MY HEAD are still my favorite band and song. Your music is so unique. Love it..”

Freida Morgan Bosau/devoted fan and beloved friend - ReverbNation

“Wow! I really love your songs and sound! Great instrumentation and vocals. Intriguing melodies and lyrics.”

Juliann Andreen~U.S. Senate Staffer & Singer/Songwriter (Washington D.C.) - ReverbNation

“Beautiful, pure, heartfelt songs. "GUN TO MY HEAD" is a masterpiece.”

Christopher Morse/songwriter/Brooklyn, New York - REVERBNATION

“Originality and stand alone style. A unique voice that will grab attention of the listener.”

VIC QUINTON - ReverbNation

“Simply, WOW, is all i can say. Goosebumps is what I experience when I hear Will Tommy Jones.”

Trevor Smith - FACEBOOK

“really gentle and graceful vibes on these songs..love your rich, soulful vocals and the wit and clever word-play of your lyrics..really love the sweet melodic drive of "homeplace"..what a beautiful song”


" NOW THAT YOU'RE GONE"...love this song...your lyrics tell a sad story; yet your music is fun and happy...love the contrast.

Rachell Robbins Music - ReverbNation

“solid stuff..hickrock, interesting”

thehideview; Manhattan Beach, Ca. - ReverbNation

“Sounds a lot like the Lou Reed days. Cool Sounds.”

MICHAEL (Rock Drummer) Houston, Texas - Reverbnation

"DON'T ASK WHY"...cool tune..... Really enjoy your unique vocals.

Katie Dix - ReverbNation

“The Texas Gordon Lightfoot! Nice songs man!”

Joe Williams/Vancouver,BC,CA - Reverbnation

“Hick Rock? Pretty good shit if you ask me.”

BURN ALL THE LIARS - Reverbnation

“Great music, so relaxing and so emotional, especially your performance! Keep it up!”


“What you've released so far is brilliant! Your songs do something few others can...they are difficult to listen to because they are just so brutally honest. They are unselfish, they are beautiful because they show so many many ugly facets of life that many people simply ignore.”

Josh Dean-singer/songwriter/Enid, Oklahoma - FACEBOOK

“Wicked tunes! Rock On!”

STARPIG - ReverbNation

“Superb music!”


"Nobody expected him to be worth much as he set up as the last act of the Battle 4 America - Enid Regionals. Other bands were packing up and chairs were being pushed in. It would have been humorous if the vibes and chills of the unforeseen melodic smack down would not have hypnotized me with the rest of the humans now controlled by the amazement of talent pouring from the Q spots stage, from what almost seemed like a ghost. Since until that time it were as if he hadn't been waiting all day for his 20 minutes, which had even his rival bands, unsuspecting fans, and even those swelling bladders captivated and frozen in time and space"

Charlie Tellum - Battle 4 America event attendee

"Gun To My Head", very inspirational. Nice track, my friend.