Will Stenner / Press

“Helene & Jim Ladd- William Stenner rocks the TRIBE!”

“I just Love William’s music it stays with you all day and you will even find yourself singing it later on in the day. I love the music so much that we use it as an ending song on my radio show JB Host of the JB and Morgan show ”

“ FEEDBACK & REVIEWS song name: Your Eye's rating : 5 - Excellent!! This work is hitting on all cylinders. Great song, great production, great performance and a great mix. review written by: Kello Aman ”

“William Stenner’s request on music blog Evolvor.com reveals the true need for emerging artists before they can worry about marketing and branding: capital. ”

“William Stenner's Music is moving and inspiring! Even though I do a rock and metal show people actually like his music! Very catchy stuff! VM”

“Fresh and humble tunes. In the wonderful "Your Eye's," Stenner's just strummin along like a missing member of The Lost Dogs or something. (DV) ”