Will Kimbrough / Press

“...Perhaps the best thing I can say about Will Kimbrough is this: When I grow up I want to be like him.”

Rodney Crowell

“The thing I love about Will is, he’s an old soul. He’s about 20 years younger than I am, but he plays like he’s been alive for a long time ... He just blew me away. ”

Marshall Chapman

“...On stage, he can charm a crowd whether fronting a band, or playing solo. That is why you see his songs on my albums and his face on our stage”

Jimmy Buffett

“His records make me jealous. So do his songs”

Todd Snider

“Though Will Kimbrough's masterful guitar work has been featured on albums by Jimmy Buffett and Rodney Crowell, his solo career is what's made him A LEGEND IN SOME CIRCLES. ”

David Dye - The World Café

“A smart, deserving songwriter. A well kept secret”


“Will Kimbrough has honed a rough-around-the-edges style in which the storytelling traditions of folk, blues, and traditional country are set to arrangements that wouldn’t be out of place on an alternative rock record.”

Matt Gewolb - Crawdaddy Magazine

“(Will Kimbrough) lives the music, and it lives within him.”

The Daily Times

“His acoustic pop/rock songs are honest observations of the human condition filtered through his unique and sophisticated perspective. He's self-deprecating in a charmingly infectious sort of way... ”

American Songwriter

“Great American music”

Kent Benjamin - Pop Culture Press

“Kimbrough was an expressive singer, leaning more towards a bluesy, soulful feel (Nobody from Nowhere from DADDY's fine summer-time release of their second rootsy disc and Piece of Work, from his 2002 CD "Home Away"). His full-bodied voice gave further expression to the songs.”

“FANS OF ANYONE FROM DYLAN TO WILCO will find plenty to like about DADDY.”

News4U - CD Reviews - People Who See Sound

“Critic's Pick - My Two Dads - Sure beats a pair of socks or a new tie.”


“Womack's crunchy Southern Rock/Soul peanut butter crashes headlong into Kimbrough's Pop chocolate”

Brian Baker - CityBeat - Cincinnati, OH

“There isn't a punted track in sight on For a Second Time, and every successive spin reveals YET ANOTHER REASON TO LOVE YOUR DADDY.”

CityBeat - Cincinnati, OH



“Available Now! Just in time for Father's Day!”