“Ottokraft from Paris in France is the solo composer William Dark who composes dark industrial electronics. The electronics are perfect in this space as they capture the chaos of a machine driven world, a world spiralling off its axis as lumps of steel crash into each other. The relentless beats reflecting of the unstoppable momentum, delivering compelling pieces of artistry that I just don’t want to end.”

“Harsh.TV Does A Great Interview with The Very Talented William Dark from The HOT Band OTTOKRAFT!!! We talk Current Music Projects, Influences & Inspirations. A Very Inspirational Interview Enjoy!!! ”

" William Dark is OTTOKRAFT, a one-man band from Paris who mixes one part Rock' n' Roll, one part Trance and three parts Electronica to concoct a futuristic pallet.... "

“If one had to sump up this album in two words it would be 'mechanical muse'. William's tracks blend trance, electronic and rock with a heart-pumping percussion to create soundscapes that any techno-club fan will love.”