William Cleere / Press

“Recalls Jackson Browne in his prime. The production and musicianship are pristine here – so audiophiles should get good headphones for this one, its worth it.”

“Impressive debut from William Cleere whose aptly monikered "Marvellous Fellas" include Allen Clapp (Orange Peels) who also produced, along with Karla Kane and Khoi Huynh (both of Agony Aunts).”

“San Francisco Bay Area piano-man William Cleere recorded his debut album in one marathon session. With a piano-bass-drums lineup, Cleere and his band, The Marvellous Fellas, have a soulful, AM-radio rock vibe.”

“Cleere has a knack for building songs that have a sing-along vibe to them, yet still offer enough in the way of compositional flourishes to make them multi-layered.”

“Seeing nobody at the helm of the piano-rock yacht, Cleere dons the captain’s cap and assumes the mantle.”