Will Hanza / Press

“(Regarding the band, Escaper) "This up-and-coming juggernaut blends together effortlessly with each member adding his own unique flavor. The band’s music alone draws you in, but it’s their connection to it and to each other that truly completes the package. Their passion oozes out of each and every note they play as they seamlessly take turns controlling the stage."”

"Vintage lushness"

Relix Magazine

“I must say that this Brooklyn, NY based artist has piqued my interest. The song I’ve listened to a couple of times now is an interesting combination of Pink Floyd and a grunge band if the grunge band got rid of most of their distortion pedals and added a mandolin. Very impressive! Well worth a look. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll listen again too!”

“Bursting with musical and spiritual energy, lush soundscapes, and riveting musicianship... The driving force is his own restless, intertwined musical and spiritual energy... with haunting vocals in the manner of early Pink Floyd and King Crimson.”

“Hanza's work is reminiscent of groundbreaking krautrock like Ash Ra Tempel or Popul Vuh, but in the same song he'll break into a blistering guitar solo that disrupts one's expectations and truly makes the music his own...”

“Hanza defies all categorization so we had to put him in one all his own: World Beat Alt-Folk Rock... the discovery will be well worth it. Each song will uncover itself in layer upon layer like all great music tends to do upon repeated listenings.”