Will Freed / Press

“Alive at The Room by The Will Freed Band was recorded for the most part live at The Room recording studio with a killer line- up ! Its kind of hard to explain in this short space but it is very cool and you just have to get your own. Here are a few of my thoughts. >>>>>> >>>>>> Last Stop is the song that starts the disc and it is very reminiscent of James Taylor during the Carolina in my Mind years. Good stuff. I can almost hear JT singing it. Hey Will got his address? >>>>>> >>>>>> Going Home has a Pure Prairie League feel to it with some really really cool percussion, sweet lap steel and nice harmonies. Clever lyrics. Good solid tune. >>>>>> >>>>>> Life on the Road is one of the best songs on the disc. A little bit of Popper inspiration it takes you where you don't expect. Then it segued right into Make up your Mind. For a second I thought one of my favorite groups , Little Texas,”

Jim Reed - The Entertainer