Will Black / Press

“Entertainer Will Black, who will be performing at the Hog Penny for the last time on New Year's Eve, blamed the "downward slide" in tourism in recent years. He said: "Front Street is dead, there's no longer a solid tourism industry to support live entertainment. "Front Street used to be busy, but it's declined due to circumstances out of our control. Next year is going to see much of the same. "It's a sign of the times, Bermuda is going through a serious slump. Something needs to be done to turn things around." There are now calls from long-time Bermudian musicians for the government to step in to save the island's music industry before it is too lat CLICK ARTICLE FOR MORE...”

“Musician Will Black is preparing to say goodbye to the "gig that changed his life." The Canadian rock singer is leaving Bermuda after nearly five years of performing to locals and tourists at the Hog Penny. His "top 40 rock" has always attracted a large expatriate crowd, especially the ladies. With a repertoire of about 450 songs, Will got everyone on the dance floor and if he didn't know a particular request there's "a good chance he'd learn it." The singer will continue to perform at weekends before "going out with a bang" with his final show on New Year's Eve. Will said he has loved the intimate environment of the "neighbourhood pub with a friendly atmosphere." He said: "It's been great, I've loved my time in Bermuda, it's been a life-changing experience. I'll really miss it. "Hog Penny is a rare thing when it comes to a good night out, it's a really solid gig... CLICK ARTICLE FOR MORE...”

“Canadian rock musician Will Black will be performing and filming for his latest video Dancing With The Dead - but fans are the stars of the show. Freelance camerawoman Rachael Smith will be on stage with the band filming the crowd dancing.”