Wildstreet / Press

“The band Wildstreet is one of my absolute favorites. They are the complete embodiment of every thing I love about music.”

“When Screamer Magazine caught up with them, Wildstreet were literally hanging out on the streets in the back of a van, after just completing a twenty hour drive through the night and across a vast expanse of the USA to get home to New York.”

“New York rockers Wildstreet are about to unleash their second E.P. “Wildstreet II Faster…Louder…” and you better hold on tight because it is going to be one hell of a ride. I am a fan of the band’s self titled debut, but there after hearing the tracks on “Wildstreet II Faster…Louder…” there is no doubt in my mind it is a far superior album compared to the debut. While the Def Leppard influence is still present, it doesn’t overwhelm this album like it did the debut and the songs are heavier, dirtier, and more raw, but still filled with hooks galore and catchy as hell. If songs like “Shake It”, “Poison Kiss”, and “Cocked & Ready” don’t get your heart pumping and feet moving. you should go see the doctor because I’m pretty sure you could be considered legally dead...”

“Sunset Riot MIKE ZERO Torpedohead debuted "Poison Kiss" from Wildstreet forthcoming E.P. “Wildstreet II Faster…Louder” #119 airs from Dec 16th thru Dec. 22nd.”

“Do you wanna have a good time, do you feel loosen up and wanna party around? Then Wildstreet´s new EP "Faster Louder" is the perfect party starter, their mix of straight ahead non compromising hard rock and singalong choruses makes this EP so easy to love. You can check out the new track "Can´t stop the rock" which is on their myspace page. Don´t be mistaken that this is just another glamrock band because there is something for everyone here from ACDC rock to Def Leppard melodies, and ofcourse plenty of Motley Crue vibes as well. These New Yorkers will release their new EP on Jan 25th so mark your calendars, "Cocked and ready" will get the crowd going for sure when Wildstreet is on stage but the opener "Shake it" should be sent to radio. Let there be rock! ”

“Wildstreet’s name personifies the entire band in sound and appearance—wild. With singer Eric Jayk’s crazy hair/attire, one might pass them by as an 80s gimmick, but they would be missing a hell of a show. The band put on an energetic performance, rallying a good size crowd at Rocklahoma this year. The band has been together for two years and is already making headway that most bands only wish they could see so early in a career drawing attention by appearances at shows at Rocklahoma, and their shows as direct support for Twisted Sister, The Last Vegas, Vains of Jenna, Kix, Bang Tango & Faster Pussycat. Their latest EP, (no release date set) Wildstreet II: Faster, Louder, captures Wildstreet’s vintage sound, which falls along the lines of Pyromania era Def Leppard and AC/DC.”

“Going strictly by the band’s look one could think these New Yorkers overdosed on Hanoi Rocks and Guns ‘N Roses but once you start listening to Wildstreet you realize it was Def Leppard’s Pyromania and Hysteria the band OD’d on. Even the production sounds so much like a “Mutt” Lange record it is almost impossible to believe the band produced the album themselves.”

“You couldn’t ask for more from a debut release by WILD STREET. I promise if you pick this CD up you will hear some of the best hooks, most potent guitar licks, and songs that will make your heart pound with excitement. All I have to say is WOW!!!”

"80's metal is back and Wildstreet is poised to lead a whole new generation of rock soldiers."