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“Trish DeCaprio (vocals/violin) is fun to watch and her fiddle playing is excellent. Gary Dolinsky masters his guitar providing a precise rhythmic pulse and a quick melodic sense. Their experience of playing and singing together shows - they're like excellent dance partners… they mainly play a nice assortment of old folk, Celtic, and some known and barely-known covers. The band displays their ability to wow us with an absolutely beautiful song called "Rough & Rocky". "Falling" is from one of Gary's old bands and Trish's low melodies on the fiddle sound like a cello. She can also pluck out a bouncing melody, as in their freshened up version of The Beatles "I Will". Gary seems to be somewhat encyclopedic when it comes to music and I learn that "Sweet Tequila Blues" with it's mid-song vocal conversation was written by Chip Taylor, who also wrote the '60's classic "Wild Thing". Trish lets loose a bit in "Ol' Cook Pot"… Add to your list of good talented people.”

“(Wild Maple's new CD "Sugar") .... is a joyous little collection of traditional and contemporary tunes with crisply executed arrangements....They got it all here, a wholesome folk album to warm a winter's night."”

"Singer-violinist, Trish DeCaprio and singer-guitarist-mandola player Gary Dolinsky deliver a beautifully crafted album of traditional folk and bluegrass with their new CD, "Sugar". Featuring superb musicianship and sterling vocals...Trish DeCaprio boasts a gorgeous mezzo-soprano voice while bowing a mean country fiddle. Meanwhile, Gary Dolinsky's smooth baritone vocal proves to be the perfect complement along with his stellar guitar work. You won't find any filler on this well-crafted effort from the North Shore based Wild Maple, just a tasteful contemporary serving of American bluegrass and folk performed with reverence and class."

Douglas Sloane - Metronome Magazine - Boston

“Wild Maple's first CD, "Sugar", released in May 2013, was awarded "Doug Sloane's Top 3 CD Pick" in Metronome Magazine/Boston August 2013 with a cover story appearing in the October 2013 issue of Metronome: "...singer-violinist Trish DeCaprio and singer-guitarist Gary Dolinsky have crafted a beautiful debut album called "Sugar" that's filled with lush vocals, masterful violin work and skillful guitar playing...DeCaprio and Dolinsky invested their significant individual talents to the arrangements while holding true to tradition. The sound is pure, sweet and delectable just as the album's title would suggest."”

Brian Owens - Metronome Magazine - Boston

"Wild Maple has a cool sound, very Americana, harmonies, an acoustic string band sound. The music takes you through many time warps to visit tunes you may have heard this year, or may not have heard for 5 years...They pull stuff out that sounds terrific, and makes you feel like you're alive and well and living in the place you heard the song for the first time...You're in for a treat!"

"Trish DeCaprio...slicing melodies from her fiddle...her sound is rich (and) Gary Dolinsky...has a crisp guitar sound and is the storyteller when the two are not engaged in tight harmonies. Their songs range from traditional folk to light Americana and verge on Celtic, at times...These two really bounce and swing...they're an impressive pair!"

"We started off [the December 3, 2011 Lexington Acoustic Showcase] with Wild Maple. This excellent duo features Gary Dolinsky on guitar and Trish DeCaprio on violin. Both sing, trading off lead vocals and joining for sensational harmonies. Gary's a flatpicking guitar whiz, and Trish is an expressive violinist, both flexible and incisive. The result is an appealing polished sound. Their set list included a number of excellent originals, with some pleasing covers as well. I liked their version of the Beatles' "I Will", with a contrapuntal byplay of guitar runs and pizzicato violin figures. Great fun. A minute later they had me tearing up with a plaintive ballad, then tapping toes along with a twangy number. Make no mistake, these folks are good. We'll try to get them back, I promise! -David Keevil http://acousticshowcaselexington.blogspot.com

David Keevil - acousticshowcaselexington.blogspot.com