Wide Eye Panic / Press

“Wide Eye Panic, the second of local openers hailing from Olympia, Washington, found themselves the beneficiaries of a much more receptive and growing crowd thanks to an energetic and passionate performance. Signed to Bieler Bros. Records, this quintet recently released their debut album, Modus Operandi and clearly demonstrated the difference between an outfit comfortable in their own skin compared to the wide-eyed and panicked group that just lugged their gear off the stage.”

“If you were to check out the ingredients on how to create Wide Eye Panic's fat-bottomed sound, it would probably read as follows: 1/3 cup of One Minute Silence, 1/3 cup of Nonpoint, and 1/3 cup of Factory 81. Sprinkle in some Tool and a dash of Boy Hits Car, and bake for 45 minutes at 1000 degrees. What you get is one big, bad ass, energetic, full throttle experience. Aram Wheeler's vocals are a mad scientist's blend of all the frontmen from the aforementioned bands -- to a tee. The amount of energy this guy projects is insane and plain ridiculous.. All in all, I can tell you that this album is anything but standard or run of the mill. Wide Eye Panic take the listener on one hell of a joyride. One thing is for certain, these Washingtonians bring an energy to disc like I haven't heard in a long time. Modus Operandi is an album that will leave you feeling beaten, battered and bruised beyond belief. ”

“Bieler Bros. Records has announced the signing of Wide Eye Panic from Olympia, WA. Their sound can be described as "Melody Meets Nightmare," a blend of hardcore, metal, and rock. They have been a band since 2003. The band commented on the signing: "It is our pleasure to announce that WEP has officially signed with Bieler Bros. Records (Skindred, Soil, Karnivool, Nonpoint, etc.) and are proud to be apart of the BBR family. "Thanks to everyone for the help that got us to this point and supported us over the years and look forward to many more years of music. "Thank you all so very much and cheers to the future."”

"Modus Operandi is an album that will leave you feeling beaten, battered and bruised beyond belief."

“MUST have music from a great up and coming group! If you love the way new music made you feel back when it still sent shivers up your spine, this is the album for you. The first time I heard Wide Eye Panic's music was when I worked alongside the lead vocalist, Aram Wheeler, at the most mundane job imaginable. I was shocked when he told me it was his band and that they were still working on signing with a label, because what I heard was already level with a quality I've come to expect from professionally produced albums. I spent the following year pestering Aram about the availability of THIS album, and now I couldn't be happier. He and the rest of the band have delivered the kind quality raw experience I've been yearning for since the 90's metal scene peaked and then died out. Support New Music!!”