WIcKID 1 / Press

“yo that blowin my mind tho........psssshhhttttttt​t yooooooo.”

“That's what's up. Ironic.. I really wanted u 2 b a fan of my work after seein u perform like a month or 2ago. I knew if u heard the rite 1.. Ud like me. But I really wanted ur attention & respect cuz ur a fuckin beast dude. & i hate most rappers as artists. So yea.. We'll get it n. Ull take my shit 2 another level.”

“You have no idea what that blow my mind song does to me haha..man I love that cut...I can 100% say I have never been that much of a fan of another artists single that song is crazy”


Lamont Jordan (emcee and live show host) - Facebook

"I LOVE WIcKID 1 ... He is sooooo intense"

C.W. - Myspace

"WIcKID ONE is setting the new standard in the gangster rap /hip hop community . His energy and stage pressence have surpassed most who have been in the business for years ."

S.L. - Facebook fan